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“Monsters on vacation 3” rest with new posters

Zone Horror knows costarica, even when it comes to age limit of 6+. Yes, usually we have going on every creepy horror with blood and other mess, but that doesn’t mean that sometimes we can’t bump into childhood. For example, how to get past the cartoon, whose characters are familiar and not so beast?

The animated film “Monsters on vacation 3” (Hotel Transylvania 3) will be released next summer, and we got some posters of the painting – in addition to that already laid out. The focus continues to be Dracula, only now with fancy-ass suitcases.

We will remind, what will tell trikvel:

This time Dracula along with his friends goes on a cruise on a luxury liner. There is entertainment for every taste: from monstrosity and exotic sightseeing, to the moon baths. Suddenly, Dracula falls in love with the captain of the ship — the mysterious and beautiful Erika, and his daughter Mavis understands that a trip can turn into a nightmare: because Eric keeps a terrible secret that threatens the existence of all the monsters!

His voice characters gave Adam Sandler, Selena Gomez, Andy Samberg, Steve Buscemi, Fran Drescher, Mel Brooks and the other actors.

The Russian premiere of the “vampire 3” will be held July 12, 2018, the distributors of the company will perform “WDSSPR”.

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