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Monster Tooth Child got to “Zero channel” thanks… Hannibal Lecter!

When writing scripts for the TV series “Hannibal”, be prepared for nightmares. Screenwriter nick Antosca, however, these nightmares have helped to invent one of the most memorable monsters of recent years.

In 2016, SyFy premiered the first season of “Zero channel” (Channel Zero), the Foundation of which is formed if the “candle Cove”. Despite the obvious budgetary constraints this season, many (I among them) consider to be the most terrible in the show, although it later also turned out pretty good – a colleague Kriventsov and not once wrote that in his opinion the “Zero channel” is now simply the best horror series on TV.

In the “candle Cove” on small screens was placed a very original monster, known as the Child Dental (Tooth Child) – child from head to toe covered in same children’s teeth.

The other day Nick Antosca told how he came up with this miracle-Yudo.

I met the Tooth the Child in the dream, when he wrote for “Hannibal”. Later, I put it in the “Zero channel”.

In addition, Antosca confirmed that he would be happy to get your Child in one of the future seasons of the series. This is interesting because the writer invented the character was directly linked to the story “candle Cove”, and in each new season of “Zero channel” tells a different story.

New, already the fourth season based on accurate, in-depth Charlotte Boulter “Hidden Door” and was subtitled “the Door of dreams” (The Dream Door). Opens this door is 26 October 2018.

Topic: the Monster-killer in the first trailer for the new season of “Zero channel”

I met the Tooth Child in a dream while I was writing for HANNIBAL
Later I put him in CHANNEL ZERO
— Shudder (@shudder) 27 Sep 2018

To answer @holli”s question, I’d love to bring the Tooth Child back in a future season…
— Shudder (@shudder) 27 Sep 2018

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