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Mongolian contortionist struck social media stunts. Video

Монгольская акробатка поразила соцсети невероятным трюком. Видео22-year-old circus performer from Mongolia can fold my entire body into the bottle.

22-year-old circus performer from Mongolia so flexible that it can fold all your body in the bottle, writes British newspaper Daily Mail about the acrobat that came on tour with Cirque Berserk in the UK.

She also shoots a bow using only their feet, balancing on the hands.

Practicing for more than 10 years Mongolian stage name which Odka, can squeeze themselves into unbelievably small spaces.

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She grew up in Ulan Bator and at the age of 11 years decided to follow in the footsteps of his aunt in the circus.

According to the newspaper Daily Record, she spent her childhood in training. According to her, she worked 6 days a week. In 15 years Odca she went on a three-month tour with the Turkish circus. She worked during the holidays, and when the performances coincide with the academic year, they took with them a tutor.

In some countries, such as Mongolia, contortionism (bending of the body in an unusual shape, includes a strong warp and bend in the joints of a person) is a national respected art form that has cultural significance. For hundreds of years, the acrobats entertained the crowd throughout Mongolia. Contorsionism usually start practicing from a very early age. In Mongolia the minimum acceptable age is 5 years because they believe that stretching exercises can cause bone deformities in younger children.

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