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Monarchs who died under mysterious circumstances. Photo

Монархи, погибшие при загадочных обстоятельствах. ФотоStrange deaths monarchs.

We will talk about the monarchs who died, original and sometimes quite silly.

James II of Scotland, 1460: gun - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Монархи, погибшие при загадочных обстоятельствах. Фото

James II became king at the age of six, after the death of his father James I, who go to the light helped ungrateful relatives, also coveted the throne. Know indignant, the conspirators were arrested and executed, and erected on the throne almost baby. The child grew not by years, smart and tenacious, upon reaching the age of majority actively engaged in the restructuring of the army. Yes, so successful that in a few years conquered all fortresses, captured by the British, back.

James was an avid fan of artillery and personally supervised the introduction of new weapons and methods of firing. The latter remained under the control of England, the fortress — castle Roxburgh — was besieged in August 1460. 29-nine-year-old Jacob stood by the gun “lion” and directed the fire, but volley after the team had not heard — “lion” just exploded. The pieces of the gun, according to the testimony of Robert Lindsay, was in the Royal gun and riddled him.

Charles VIII, France, 1448: door jamb

Монархи, погибшие при загадочных обстоятельствах. Фото

The castle of Amboise on 7 April 1498. On a lovely Saturday afternoon, on the eve of palm Sunday, the 27-year-old king after a meal went down to the castle moat — hence it was clearly seen that tennis match, passing the walls. Together with his wife Anne of Brittany, the monarch walked along the gallery towards the exit. The doorway had a small height, and not enough Carl leaned over and fell hard on the upper limit of the opening. The king fell and lost consciousness, bleeding to death. However, it seemed that everything went.

After a few minutes the monarch came to himself, got up and was able to go to the game. Head Charles VIII did not stop spinning, but the monarch steadfastly watched the match till the end. Going back to the castle, fell again, lost feelings and speech. Servants of the king moved inside and placed on a hastily found mattress. Nine hours he struggled between sleep and reality, trying to say something. The death was recorded of apoplexy.

King of Greece Alexander I, 1920: the bite of a monkey

Монархи, погибшие при загадочных обстоятельствах. Фото

After the First world war, the British gave its ally, the Greek king Alexander the first purebred shepherd named Fritz. The monarch is very fond of the dog and practically with it did not leave. 2 Oct 1920 Fritz broke a huge mirror in the Palace estate of Tata, who was upset by the eminent master. However, the king was young and easily appeased, and soon a couple of friends went for a walk in the garden, where in the far corner was located the house of the gardener. He had two trained monkeys, one of which suddenly became a victim of Fritz. The scene occurred heartbreaking: the dog holds the monkey grip, the king is trying to unclench the jaws of the dog, and the second monkey, protecting his girlfriend, twice biting the king.

The bites proved fatal. Together with saliva into the wound became infected, and in the absence of antibiotics to stop the fever and sepsis has failed. 29 Oct 1920 27-year-old Alexander died.

Frederick, Prince of Wales, 1751: blood poisoning after a game of cricket

Монархи, погибшие при загадочных обстоятельствах. Фото

Failed Frederik to be king of great Britain, his father George II outlived his son by three years. If the Prince was not such a cricket fan, you could try on the crown.

Birth Frederick was a German, and lived until 1727 in Hanover. Having the status of crown Prince of Britain, moved to London, here, trying quickly to assimilate, became interested in a popular game — cricket. Sponsored teams were a betting man, visited the matches and, of course, played himself, not missing a single event associated with the game. In one of these games he got hit by the ball, which resulted in an abscess, followed by sepsis. On 6 March 1751 Frederick became ill, and on March 20 the Prince died.

The king of Navarre, Charles II, 1386: burned from the candle maid

Монархи, погибшие при загадочных обстоятельствах. Фото

At the end of 1386 the king’s health rapidly began to deteriorate — so much so that the monarch could not fully move his limbs. The physician assigned treatment: wrap with linen cloth soaked in brandy.

The maid wrapped the Lord and began to sew the fabric. So she did like a cocoon. When he reached the neck, she stood — had to remove the thread. It was night, and she was afraid to accidentally cut the king’s scissors. So I decided to clean the thread with a burning candle. Impregnation of brandy broke and the girl screaming ran out of the room. The king of Navarre, Charles II was burned alive on 1 January 1387 the candle, brandy and dry. At least, that this interpretation of 1801 are known to us from Francis Blagdon.

Qin Shi Huang, 210 BC: drinking the mercury

Монархи, погибшие при загадочных обстоятельствах. Фото

The great Emperor was able to stop the era of the Warring States and create a centralized Chinese state. His name is associated with the construction of the great wall, the channel Lincui, Palace Apan. Most of all, Qin Shi Huang feared death and seriously was engaged in search of the elixir of immortality.

During numerous trips around the country he talked with magicians, shamans, sorcerers. To search for the elixir he even mounted an expedition to Japan. But the wonderful tools at the disposal of the Emperor, and it was not until September 10, 210 BC, when the long-awaited elixir was brought to the Palace. Qin Shi Huang took the vehicle and became immortal in the ingredients was mercury.

Martin I, king of Aragon, Valencia, Sardinia, Corsica and Sicily, count of Barcelona, 1410 year: dosmeyalis to death

Монархи, погибшие при загадочных обстоятельствах. Фото

The man, whose possessions were scattered throughout the Mediterranean, in his example proved that laughter kills.

31 may 1410 monarch arranged a gala dinner in the castle. Taking a large number of guests, Martin I provided them with bread and circuses. The joke at the time was simple and people were open and direct. In response to the story of the clown about how he saw the vineyard of a deer hanging on the tail, “though punished him for stealing figs”, the monarch laughed and dosmeyalis to asphyxia. They say it has helped indigestion, which he suffered a few days because of the intemperance in eating eels.

Henry II, of France 1559: joust

Монархи, погибшие при загадочных обстоятельствах. Фото

65 years lasted the war. From 1494 to 1559, France, Spain and the Holy Roman Empire fought for supremacy over the Italian lands and superiority in the Mediterranean. The war started before the birth of Henry II, but he was destined to end the bloodshed. Conclusion Kato Cambresis the world became the most important achievement of the king of France.

In July 1559 Henry joined in the conclusion of peace and the wedding of his daughter Elizabeth of Valois. The climax of the celebrations was a three-day jousting tournament. On the second day the king of France came out to fight against the Norman Earl of Montgomery. Riders dressed in armor, armed with long spears and quickly began to converge. Montgomery hit a spear in the chest of Henry, and weapons crashed on the shell. But the fragments of the spear pierced the face of the king and entered through the eye to the brain. Leading few days the doctors fought for the lives of Henry II, but to no avail.

Frederick I Barbarossa, 1190: drowned in the river at knee

Монархи, погибшие при загадочных обстоятельствах. Фото

In 1190, the famed Crusader and a conqueror of the infidels was already 68 years old. But Frederick was going to a new, the third crusade. Taking a few fortresses on the way to the Holy land (including the fortress of Konya), the army of Barbarossa came to the river Kalikan (today göksu, which flows to the South of Turkey). With the help of Armenian conductors crusaders found suitable for the Ford and started across, carefully looking for the path along the rocky bottom. There are heavy armor failed Barbarossa twice: first with center of gravity and the king fell into the water, and then pressed him down, not giving up. Rapid course completed started: legendary knight drowned in the river, having a depth of not more than 1 m.

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