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Mom Stephanie Malikova rebuffed Hayter daughter


16-year-old Stefania Malikov leads an active virtual life: on Instagram girls signed about 500 thousand people. Of course, not always followers leave only positive comments Stasi.

As it turned out, mom Malikova Elena is watching what is happening on the page daughter. She even admitted that he regularly reads the comments of subscribers. Sometimes Elena is hard to resist not to respond to haters and then she enters into a dialogue with them. Stefania herself was used to such aggression and no longer reacts to violent attack in his address.


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“Recently, Evelina khromtchenko said to me, “Stesha herself has a blog or someone’s been helping her?” Saying: “She leads us with Dima not let go. But I really read all the comments. And when my nerves are going crazy because of the vicious statements and I respond to these “writers,” Stesha says: “I do Not need sleek pages, let the people speak! Maybe they have nowhere else” — shared in an interview 7days.ru Elena.

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The most delicious Kiev cake #kolesovremeni #kaschiert

A photo posted by elena malikova (@elenamalikova) on Feb 17, 2015 at 2:26pm PST

Mom Stephanie noted that many people have a completely wrong impression of her daughter: “Many people think that she’s a glamour girl who only goes shopping and Shine at parties. And she’s a farmer, studying from morning to night, knows French and English, and better than Dima”.

Recall that this year Stefaniya Malikova shone at the ball Tatler in a very Frank dress.

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