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“mom!” — movie is not for everyone (VIDEO)

Studio Paramount Pictures uses negative reviews about the recent movie by Darren Aronofsky as the new chips in its a promotional company. Don’t know if it’ll work, but a bold step and original, so there marketers even want to applaud.

We will remind, dramatic horror, “mother!” was very ambiguously received by audiences. A few days ago, Paramount responded to critics, saying, “the film is very bold and strong,” and “it’s OK if some people don’t like it”. Now released a promotional video in which positive and negative statements about the picture are her plus.

In addition, the actress Jennifer Lawrence also spoke in defense of the film:

There are people who like it, and they want to see her again. And there are people who don’t like it, they hate it. There’s no middle. We understood that all together. This is something that is really catchy — everyone has something to feel. It paves the way for conversation. It provokes controversy. Must be something not after that.

Then, Lawrence continues:

It was the most unique and loud film that I have ever heard, and incredibly brave, too. I see that this film has different thoughts. Some believe that it is not necessary to explain anything to anyone, give them all to understand ourselves. I think it’s better to know and analyze metaphors and allegories, because then you’ll know what look. I discuss themes and metaphors from this movie all the time!

In short, here it is helpful to look back and see what’s what. The benefit of “Mama!” still is in theaters.

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