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Mom crawling out of the nursery, became the new star of the Network

Мама, выползающая из детской, стала новой звездой СетиChildren is hard work.

Many parents recognize themselves in the heroine of the movie, which is trying hard not to Wake the finally sleeping baby.
Funny video recorded is installed in a child on camera, posted to her Facebook page in a South African Tyrone Morris. The camera captures one familiar to most parents, the moment when, after a long singing, rocking him to sleep, stroking and so forth, the baby finally falls asleep in his crib.

In this dream it was so sensitive that it can break literally every rustle. And before the exhausted mom or dad is a difficult task – to leave the child without making a sound and without breaking a light sleeper baby.

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Tyrone’s wife, caryn, have proved that in such moments, parents are able to become a ninja. The video shows how she is lying on her back on the floor next to the cot, which was quiet son Brody, slowly gets outside of the room, showing amazing restraint and pausing constantly in fear of waking the baby.

It is seen that putting Brody to bed was given to the mother so hard that she is ready for everything just to start over.

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The video has generated an extraordinary response in social networks. Some days it was viewed by 14 million people, it has gained 120 thousand likes and more than 42 thousand comments. Most commentators write about what you learned in caryn yourself. “It’s me!! I’m so happy I’m not the only one!” – write mom.

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