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Mogilev admitted, how to treat Dorofeeva

Могилевская призналась, как относится к ДорофеевойSinger managed to make friends on “Dancing with the stars.”

Natalia Mogilev won in the project “Dances with stars”, not giving them a chance most worthy participant to become a winner. But at the same time Mogilev and Dorofeeva claim that they communicate well and are not at war.

The winner of “Dancing with the stars” put in the Instagram photo, which was made during the party organized on the occasion of the end of the project. Mogilev has signed this photograph: “We became good friends with Nadia and waited for the results of holding hands. This victory of ours. Nadia is a stunning delicate flower that blossomed on the Ukrainian scene. Ahead of “the Voice Kids”, where we will again compete for our children!
And it will be the most kind and the most beautiful competition in one of the most touching projects 1+1 !
Nadya, I love you!”.

In the comments users of the social network continued to vigorously discuss the extent of the equity of victory in Mogilev dance show, lamenting the fact that the organisers gave the victory to the wrong party, which was to win and was 100% worthy.

Могилевская призналась, как относится к Дорофеевой

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