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Modern gadgets, recently seemed fantastic. Photo

Современные гаджеты, совсем недавно казавшиеся фантастикой. ФотоCool gadgets that will make life more comfortable.

Today, almost every day there are a variety of new devices, and every day they become smarter and smarter. Sometimes it seems that the future dreamed about is finally here. In any case, the invention, which are collected in this overview certainly give an outlet to think so.

1. Machine for the production of homemade alcohol

Современные гаджеты, совсем недавно казавшиеся фантастикой. Фото

Alchema machine is a new device that will allow you to forget about the purchase of alcohol in shops and to engage in the production of cider, Mead or young wine right in your kitchen. All you need is water, fruit, berries, sugar, yeast and a bit of patience as the cooking process, depending on the recipe, it takes 6 days to 16 weeks. To choose a recipe and to learn about the availability of the drink will help a special smartphone app. It is also worth noting that the machine is equipped with built-in scales, which will not allow to be mistaken with the number of loaded ingredients and led UV-C lamp, able to clean it before use.

2. Wireless headphones

Современные гаджеты, совсем недавно казавшиеся фантастикой. Фото

Compact wireless Bluetooth headphone Gear IconX is primarily designed for people who lead an active lifestyle. With its stylish design and competent design, the headphones are extremely comfortable and securely fastened in the ears, allowing its owner to run, jump and dance. In addition, owners of Gear IconX does not have to take the phone, the internal memory enough for 1,000 tracks that can be played for 5-7 hours without interruption headphones. Also, the earphones come with a fitness tracker, voice assistant Bixby and the various sound modes.

3. Pen with a wide spectrum of colors

Современные гаджеты, совсем недавно казавшиеся фантастикой. Фото

16 million colors in one pen – incredibly, this pen exists to carry the name Cronzy. Color discrimination occurs using a special sensor, which is in contact with the objects accurately defines their tone and could reproduce it on paper. Also, set the ink color by using a special application on the smartphone. Included with the pen, the buyer will receive a few tips, and two removable cartridge CMYKW inks.

4. Smart watch

Современные гаджеты, совсем недавно казавшиеся фантастикой. Фото

Montblanc Summit – smart clock that combines classic style, Swiss clock movement and modern technology. Forty six-millimeter case, made in the style of vintage watches in 1858 and is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100, running on the latest operating system, Android Wear 2.0 from Google. Among the useful features of smart’s new fitness tracker, Google Assistant, flash drive 4GB, Uber, Foursquare, maps, WhatsApp, and Google translate.

5. Bluetooth speaker with fireplace

Современные гаджеты, совсем недавно казавшиеся фантастикой. Фото

Fireside Audiobox is a stylish Bluetooth speaker with a fireplace, which shows the tempo and rhythm of the music with the flames. The column is presented in a stylish case made of natural wood, equipped with a battery, which is enough for 8 hours of work in offline mode and Fireshow using 500-gram propane tank.

6. Ring with Bluetooth headset

Современные гаджеты, совсем недавно казавшиеся фантастикой. Фото

A brand new accessory in the form of a ring from the company Origami Labs are able to turn the hand of its owner in a headset for your smartphone. While in standby mode, the gadget looks like a normal accessory, but when the phone owner receives a call, the ring begins to glow and vibrate. Make a call just by lifting the finger up and put it to his ear. Smart device is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 low energy, with which it synchronizes with phone holder, gyroscope, led and active noise control.

7. Automatic toothbrush

Современные гаджеты, совсем недавно казавшиеся фантастикой. Фото

According to statistics a great number of people ignores one of the sessions of teeth brushing due to fatigue or a simple lack of time. But even those who brushes her teeth morning and evening, often doing it wrong. To avoid the dental problems and it’s great to save time will help the world’s first automatic brush Amabrush. The device consists of three parts: a soft pad with the fibers, made of antibacterial silicone, vibrating actuator that causes the villi in the movement, as well as capsules of toothpaste that is automatically applied to the teeth and foams and with the help of Micronase. The process of brushing your teeth with Amabrush lasts only 10 seconds and the battery lasts for 28 cleanings.

8. Sleep mask

Современные гаджеты, совсем недавно казавшиеся фантастикой. Фото

Sana Sleep Mask, a unique sleep mask that can defeat insomnia and to plunge its owner into a dream literally 10 minutes. This is due to a complete blocking of ambient lighting audio-visual stimulation of the brain, leading to deep relaxation.

9. E-contraception

Современные гаджеты, совсем недавно казавшиеся фантастикой. Фото

Natural Cycles is a simple and at the same time a very useful invention that can replace traditional methods of contraception digital methods. The new “contraceptive” consists of a special thermometer and app for your smartphone. Women need just a day to measure temperature using a thermometer and it will give all the data to the app using a special algorithm built unique chart safe days and days favorable for conception. The developers are confident that this invention will not only be a wonderful alternative to hormonal contraceptives, but also help millions of woman to conceive a child.

10. Flexible TV

Современные гаджеты, совсем недавно казавшиеся фантастикой. Фото

LG TV wallpaper is an innovative ultra-thin flat-screen televisions with organic led (OLED), which you can take with you wherever you go, just turning the screen into a tube. The screen size is 55 inch and a thickness of just one millimeter. Mounting the TV on the wall by means of a special magnetic levitation, which is practically invisible on the wall.

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