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Modern discoveries foretold in ancient times. Photo

Современные открытия, предсказанные в древние времена. Фото	It took time to develop these ideas.

Ancient Indian treatises have always enjoyed great popularity and are considered the best collections of human knowledge. It may seem surprising, but many appeared relatively recently scientific concepts such as gravity and the speed of light, the Indians knew for centuries before the discovery of these phenomena. One can only wonder and a careful reading of ancient treatises.

1. Cloning and “test-tube babies”

Современные открытия, предсказанные в древние времена. Фото

Cloning and “test-tube babies” was discussed by the ancient Indians.

One of the main examples of the concept of cloning, referred to in ancient India, is an epic poem Mahabharata. In the Mahabharata, a woman named Gandhari gave birth to 100 sons. According to the story, to create these sons, one embryo was divided into 100 different parts. Then separated parts grown in separate containers. Rigveda, one of the sacred texts of ancient India, tells of three brothers named Lubhu, Vajra and Vibhu. The three brothers had cloned the cow to get more milk, yummy.

According to the story, were taken leather from the back of the cow, and cells taken from her were multiplied to create a new identical cow. English translation of the ancient verse reads: “From the skin you have formed a cow, and returned a mother to her calf.” What is even more exciting, this concept is mentioned in seven different poems by different authors (sages). This indicates that the concept of cloning was well known over a long period of time, since all the wise men in their lives knew and wrote about it.

2. Gravity

Современные открытия, предсказанные в древние времена. Фото

What soars must come down!

Today, when people hear the word “gravity”, the first thing that comes to mind is either sir Isaac Newton or John Mayer. Although they both made a huge contribution in drawing attention to gravity, the ancient Indian texts detail to paint the concept. Almost a thousand years before Newton was a Hindu astronomer and mathematician named Varahamihira (505-587 ad). He felt that on Earth there must be a force that would allow everyone to stay on earth and not fly away. However, he could not name this force, and eventually moved on to other discoveries.

A few years later Brahmagupta (598-670 ad), who was not only an astronomer but also a mathematician, wrote that the Earth is a sphere and has the ability to attract objects. In one of his many statements, he said: “Bodies fall to the Earth as it is in the nature of the Earth, just as in nature, water laid to it tech.”

3. Huashanyuan

Современные открытия, предсказанные в древние времена. Фото

The distance to the Sun.

A dream to travel in space, and to get there, where never was before no man is undoubtedly pervasive. Here is an interesting fact about space travel. The ancient Indians were able to measure the distance between the earth and the Sun, and their numbers are frighteningly similar to what modern scientists know. In the Ramayana, another epic Indian poem, mentions the story of Hanuman, who swallowed the Sun thinking it fruit.

In the verse of the ancient text reads: “the Sun, which sits at a distance “huashanyuan”, was swallowed up, being accepted for the sweet fruit.” One “South” is defined as 12,000 years, and one shasra-South – 12 000 000 years. On the other hand, 1 eight miles is about 13 kilometers. According to the above verse, “huashanyuan” will mean 12 000 000 x 13 – 156 000 000 kilometers. According to what scientists know now, the distance from the sun to the Earth is 149 600 000 km (approx.)

4. Plastic surgery

Современные открытия, предсказанные в древние времена. Фото

Plastic surgery in Ancient India.

In Ancient India, was a medical text, which described in detail the medicines and methods of surgery used in this era. He is considered one of the most important medical manuals, preserved from those times. And unique this text is doing, compared with others, the amount of detail included in the concept of surgery, its procedures and its tools. It even States that a student who wants to learn about human anatomy must dissect a dead body.

A thousand years later came Leonardo da Vinci, who studied human anatomy by performing surgical procedures on dead bodies. The text even discusses the concept of plastic surgery and said that reconstruction of nose can be done using skin from the cheeks. There is also evidence about the discovery drilled to use teeth crowns, which are nearly 7000 years.

5. Zero

Современные открытия, предсказанные в древние времена. Фото

Opening of “zero”.

“Zero” as a full figure was first used by the ancient Indians in their decimal. In most civilizations around the world never had such concepts. In 458 BC in the cosmological text for the first time mentioned the concept of zero. However, its modern origins can be attributed to the astronomer and math Aryabhata. Then the concept has spread around the world. It is noteworthy that although the use of zero spread worldwide, many European countries have resisted the introduction of this figure. Florence and Italy even forbade its use.

6. 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34, etc.

Современные открытия, предсказанные в древние времена. Фото

The Fibonacci Sequence.

Those who have read the book or seen the movie “the da Vinci Code”, have certainly heard about the Fibonacci sequence. It is essentially a series of numbers where each number is the sum of two other numbers in front of him (0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34, etc.). What is particularly surprising and quite shocking in this sequence is the fact that it can be found throughout our Universe. From entire galaxies, such as Messier 74, to hurricanes, everywhere you can find the so-called Fibonacci spiral. You can even see it used in some of the most famous paintings in the world.

Although the world knows that this concept was discovered by Leonardo Pisano, in fact it was described in ancient Indian texts. The earliest known discovery of this sequence is attributed to Pingala, who lived about 200 BCE, but clearer version can be seen in the work of Verganti. In the end, Leonardo Pisano, who studied ancient mathematics during his stay in North Africa, realized and perfected what is known today as the Fibonacci sequence.

7. Anu, danuka, Tianya

Современные открытия, предсказанные в древние времена. Фото

The world of atoms Canada.

As you know, the discovery of atoms occurred relatively recently. But whether this is so. Centuries before John Dalton (1766-1844), who is credited with the discovery, in Ancient India, was born a man named Canada, who developed the theory of infinitely small invisible particles that are present everywhere. He called these particles as “Ana” and suggested that they could be destroyed.

He also developed the theory that these particles have a two pronged state of motion (one – the state of rest and a state of constant motion). Then he even came to the conclusion that these particles, which combine in a certain formation, creating what he called “Danya” (what is today known as diatomic molecules) and “Tianya” (triatomic molecules).

8. The heliocentric model

Современные открытия, предсказанные в древние времена. Фото

The place of the Earth in the Universe.

It is well known that Copernicus – the first person who proposed the heliocentric model of the Solar system where the Sun is in the middle, and the planets surround it. However, in the rig Veda was first painted with a similar concept. According to verse in the rig Veda, “the Sun moves in its orbit which itself is also moving. The earth and other bodies move around Sun due to force of attraction, because Sun is heavier than them”. Another verse says: “the Sun in its own orbit but holding Earth and other heavenly bodies so that they faced each other via gravity”.

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