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Model-transgender Andrea Pejic appeared Topless on the beach in Miami

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25-year-old model-transgender Andrea Pejic decided to once again demonstrate to the world your perfect body: a girl who a couple of years ago was a man, showed the paparazzi the perfect shape on holiday in Miami.

Legion Media


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At this time, Pejic, vacationing in the company of a friend and model Aline baybakovoy, decided not to hold back and swim Topless. Footage of the Topless girl emerging from the water, immediately came to the Network.

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Users have noted not only a slim body and natural forms Pejic, but also beautiful long hair and a complete lack of cosmetics. The only thing on the model’s face, is sunglasses. It seems that Pejic is very comfortable in her new body which she gladly shows to the whole world.

Legion Media

Andrej Pejic was born in Bosnia. When the boy was 8 years old, his family, fearing a military conflict in the country, moved to Melbourne. But after nine years the boy noticed one of the modeling agencies, which attracted androgynous — the universal — the appearance of the boy. Since then, Andrew was snapped up and participated in shows both men’s and women’s clothing from the leading brands in the world. Appearance Pejic has become so popular that the model has appeared on the pages of many fashion magazines, including on the pages of Vogue.
In 2014, Pejic finally replaced the floor and chose the name Andrea.

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