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Model Tess Holliday hysterically told how difficult it is for young mothers

One of the most popular plus-size models, Tess Holliday (Tess Holliday) in September last year became a mother for the second time — the model gave birth to a son, Bowie.

31-year-old Tess continued to work and communicate with fans in social networks. In Instagram model regularly publishes photos with the baby, as well as reports from the fashion shoot. Even during operation, Tess has time to feed him.

For many fans of Tess is an example, because Holliday proves once again that it is not necessary to have a standard model looks to become a successful model and be happy.

But as it turned out, and Tess relapse. The model admitted that in fact it is very difficult to cope with the responsibilities of the mother while working.

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“I’ve been awake since three in the morning, because like Bowie, and every time I put him in his crib he wakes up. He’s teething, and he doesn’t care what I have to work all day. I often work 15 hours a day, simultaneously engaged children, wear lipstick, and try not to lose heart. I usually drink a lot of coffee and smile, and my smile seems baby the greatest joy, but today it is not so” — with tears in her eyes confesses to Tess in Instagram.

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Holliday was frankly told that he is now at the limit and it just did not have enough strength even to get out of bed, not to look good.

“I cried for almost two hours, now I write this and continue to cry. I’m at my limit. I even exceeded their capabilities, to be honest. To my confidence child birth has become a serious challenge, and this morning I realized why. The unit “look good” is a lot of pressure. Because of the surge of hormones, breastfeeding, lack of sleep the bags under the eyes, red skin with spots and absolutely no strength to lift himself out of bed,” says the model.

This model believes that many will be able to understand it and society will cease to demand from young mothers to “always look good”.

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“Yes, I chose a profession where appearance is important, but I’m the first to say that it is not the pursuit of beauty should move the person and not the beauty motivates me. For me, as a mum working in this industry, it is critical, where is the boundary, where the balance, where is the compassion? Except in many professions realize that you poured your 10 percent of negativity, because children are not allowed to sleep, and you just want to hide and cry? Not many. I hope that one day this will change and society will stop looking at us like we are bad mothers, but just understand that we’re trying very hard to keep all the bad,” said Tess.

Recall, Tess Holliday and her husband Nick are raising two children: 11-year-old Riley and 8-month-old Bowie. Besides Tess are discussing the plus-size model in the world. Size clothes the stars before pregnancy — 60, hips — 130 cm, weight 155 kg.

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