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Mitsubishi has revealed the Lancer Evolution successor

Mitsubishi показала наследника Lancer EvolutionDeclassified concept smart crossover e-Evolution.

As we previously reported, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is designing the crossover of the next generation e-Evolution electric propulsion platform and means of artificial intelligence. Now, the company lifted the veil of secrecy over the appearance of the car and its capabilities.

About the design of the electric vehicle can be judged on the submitted images. It is argued that the concept car represents the direction that Mitsubishi is planning to develop in the near future.

The vehicle is equipped with AWD system on the basis of three electric motors. One of them drives the front wheels. On the rear axle installed a new Dual Motor AYC, which includes two electric motors, which are interconnected unit active rear transverse differential (AYC) with electronic control. With this car shows excellent handling in the city, on the highway or on a winding road.

Mitsubishi показала наследника Lancer Evolution

Applied artificial intelligence system is the “brain” of the concept. Various sensors supply the on-Board computer information about changing road and traffic conditions, and the actions of the driver. Optimally adapting the capabilities of the car to the driving style, the system adapts to any motorist, regardless of their skills. As a result, achieved the most comfortable and safe operation.

Mitsubishi показала наследника Lancer Evolution

Interestingly, the developers have even provided a special learning mode. Defining the level of driving skill, on-Board system generates a special program with the submission of the recommendations by voice or through the display of the instrument panel. Because of this drivers with any level of training quickly familiar with the management.

Specifications yet, alas, were not disclosed. Mitsubishi says only that the security platform provides high torque and excellent performance. In addition, the promised capacious traction battery.

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