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Missile superiority.

Превосходство в ракетах


A rare interview with Vladimir Putin now gives, not to emphasize our superiority in missiles. Listen to and pride in the native Russian science and military industry rises. After all, such a secret thing, all circuits, all the cogs of the domestic.

And another prosthesis — the right upper jaw is covered completely. Krupicka metal broke off, and welding of metal within the mouth have not yet learned to do. The dentist looked at it and said:

— Well, what? The denture plastic will do, the aesthetics will be nice. Paste special anoint, squeeze tightly, however, when walking, sometimes fall can, but it’s not scary — raise, with a cloth wipe and again will strengthen.

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— Or, — continued, — implants and the teeth on them are secure. However, it costs money, but as a family will be even better.

And starts about the merits of these cogs to tell. “This,” says, — Israel, are smaller, but survive longer. And this is Germany, more expensive, but “organic”, with the bone firmly fused, I recommend.

— What cheaply — interested, no? Maybe our native manufacture would you recommend? There’s some this morning to launch our Putin showed!

Is — meets the dentist — is possible. Two factories of cast iron already produce and offer both domestic implants. Much, even several times cheaper. But one disadvantage. They have on the other side of the jaw lock nut to fasten.

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— No, — refused, — let us not then of Israel. Why do I need the locking nut? I don’t need the locknuts…

And damned missiles out of my head don’t come out. Well, how so? Extend a person a pleasant life, having adjusted manufacture of cogs for chewing food, we are not able. And ukontrapupit human ahead of the whole world.

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