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Missile complex “Le Corsaire” adopted by the APU. Video

Ракетный комплекс «Корсар» принят на вооружение ВСУ. ВидеоAlso developed two guided missiles.

Lightweight portable missile complex “Le Corsaire”, developed by the design Bureau “Luch”, adopted by the Armed forces of Ukraine.

This was reported on the website of “Ukroboronprom”.

“Adopting a new missile system was preceded by a whole complex of factory and state tests in the presence of the military itself, during which “Le Corsaire” has confirmed its high characteristics. In addition, the Bureau “Luch” early manufactured and supplied by the APU more than 50 rockets to “Corsair”, together with a certain customer number of launchers”, – stated in the message.

“Le Corsaire” allows you to fire at a distance of 2.5 km (the same range the American FGM-148 Javelin), and the guided missile is carried out using a laser beam. The guidance is in the low-energy level radiation to hide the control channel.

One of the main features of this complex are the dimensions that allow it to carry and fire “from the hip”, without the use of additional devices. But for ease of use on in advance prepared positions, for example in the defense, fighters can use special machine.

For “Corsair” also developed two guided missiles of RU-3 RU-3ОФ.

RU-3K is equipped with a tandem shaped-charge warhead designed to defeat modern armored stationary and moving objects that have combined, spaced or monolithic armour, including reactive armour and airborne helicopters. This missile provides the armor penetration behind era, not less than 550 mm.

RU-3ОФ equipped with high-explosive warhead with impact-and is intended to engage lightly armored objects, structures field type (bunker, BUNKER) and manpower. During the tests was achieved through the penetration of armor plate thickness of 50 mm.

For the pointing accuracy of the system meets one of the advanced serial development “izyumske instrument-making factory” – guidance device PN-KU. Despite its small size and weight of 4 kg, it provides a guided missile at ranges of up to 2.5 km within +/- 250 mm. That is “the Corsair”, even at the maximum range of their flight allows the operator to get even in the embrasure Pillbox.

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