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“Miss Algeria” was criticized for “too dark” for the beauty Queen skin color

Khadija Ben Hamm

4 Jan in Algeria hosted a national beauty contest. The title of “Miss Algeria” won the 26-year-old Khadija Ben Hamm, residing in the desert region of Adrar in the North of Mauritania. Surely this is a beauty contest would remain virtually invisible to the press, if not for the scandal that occurred recently. When Instagram has a photo of the winner in a Golden evening dress, in the comments erupted a real battle. Many netizens began to insult the girl, as they were angered by the dark skin of Khadija. The harassment and joined members of the media, including Fajr al-Saeed from Kuwait.

Do you participate in cultural or national festival, you’re in a beauty contest, I can’t understand why they chose you,

she said to broadcast their own Internet channel.

The journalist added that the choice of the girl with such appearance is probably the result of the political situation in the country.

People don’t like the political situation in Algeria, and they thought, like, let’s make Her a beauty Queen, if someone will look at the “Miss Algeria”, then immediately angry, ‘ said al-said.The situation in the country is really not easy.

So, was the online campaign “No place for Africans in Algeria”, which received widespread support on Twitter and Facebook, and the Algerian authorities began officially announced discrimination of immigrants from Black Africa (the criterion of detention were solely race).

The girl on the criticism did not react, but to justify himself had the organizers of the competition. They expressed regret in connection with racist statements and supported the winner. Algerian beauty also stood up Syrian singer Assala Nasri.

There are no boundaries of beauty in the eyes of those who know that beauty and attractiveness have certain standards that she wrote in her Instagram.


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