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“Misery, part II” in the trailer of the Thriller “the Fan”

If you like psychological thrillers like “misery” by Stephen king, it is possible that you notice on film Director and screenwriter Damian Romea “Fan” (The Follower). It also talks about the creative man who is faced with a maniacal fan only if the king was a hero, the author of “women’s” novels, then “Fan” your sacrifice made popular by country singer.

The main role in the film went to Eric Christensen, best known for the movie “Traffic” by Steven Soderbergh and the TV series “Parents”. It’s funny that in his career Christensen has the Thriller “Swimfan” (2002), in which she played a crazy fan of a swimming champion. Fifteen years later Eric changed roles in this kind of stories.

On the last day of concert tour country star music Chelsea angel announces to the fans that is retiring in order to devote more attention to the child and family, which is waiting. But on the way home her plane crashes in a remote glusi. Can survive only the most Chelsea and Evelyn king, who is a big fan of the singer. Chelsea was injured and unable to walk, so it is vital to help Evelyn to reach the nearby hut. Meanwhile, Evelyn manifests emotional instability, and her obsession with Chelsea is becoming more and more frightening forms.

In the U.S. the film opens in VOD services April 18, 2017, bypassing any theatrical rental. Which, judging by the trailer, looks quite reasonable – not leave the impression that “Fan” is a TV movie.

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