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Minus 6 kg: trouble-free and harmless way to lose weight

Минус 6 кг: безотказный и неопасный способ сбросить лишний вес Just spend half an hour a day to exercise.

If daily 30 minutes exercise, over the two months will be able to become slimmer by a few pounds. This method of weight loss suggested by scientists from the University of Newcastle.

30 minutes of daily exercise coupled with the change of diet would help almost everyone to lose weight, said a leading expert of the conducted experiment Professor Mike Trenell.

The authors of this study analyzed data on 20 years of experience of experts on weight loss. The proposed method allows to lose about 6 kg in two months.

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According to the researchers, slimming physical activity is a series of high-intensity exercises such as push-UPS, jumps, squats and running in place. Speaking of food, in combination with which to run exercises, the experts explained: it must not be constantly the same.

It is important not only to abandon harmful products containing high levels of sugar and processed fats, but eat as diverse as possible. In this case, the ration will be “training” for intestinal microbiome and will help to speed up metabolism, experts said.

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The study authors added that the principle of “30 minutes of physical activity a day plus a healthy diet” not only can help to lose weight – in addition to reducing the weight of its observance helps to normalize blood sugar levels and improve heart.

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