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Minus 10 pounds in a week: the main rules of the diet

Минус 10 кг за неделю: главные правила гречневой диеты	One of the most popular methods of weight loss.

Buckwheat diet to some extent can be not only tasty but also very useful as it quickly and effectively cleanses the body from various toxins.

Buckwheat diet relates to harsh, but “negodnik” and effective ways to quickly get rid of extra pounds. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The essence of buckwheat diet for 7 days: the basis of the diet is buckwheat cereal, steamed with boiling water or boiled in plenty of water, milk, salt, sugar and seasonings. Farinaceous and sweet desserts should be strictly prohibited. The main thing – not to break and to clearly establish a diet menu diet for weight loss.

But in addition to buckwheat in the diet, you can still add other products because your diet should be a joy, not suffering.

The principles of diet

On the diet completely exclude from the diet salt, sugar, spices and sweets, nuts, flour, fat, meat dishes.

But if you really want sweet, and are allowed snacks fresh apples, pears or plums, but only in small quantities.

Buckwheat, which should be consumed during the diet should be soft, the grains of well-expanded or boiled, so as not to harm the intestine.

To cook buckwheat need to use large amounts of water. For example, pour the buckwheat in the evening with plenty of water, the capacity to wrap a towel or blanket and in the morning porridge is ready. Or you can cook buckwheat over low heat to croup is well seethe.

Drink during a diet need water, or unsweetened herbal or green tea. Coffee and all coffee drinks, soda and black tea are also in this period banned.

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