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Ministry… Who?

Служение… Кому?

Not so long ago, at the Congress of “United Russia” Vladimir Putin stated that the purpose of the party “United Russia” is to serve the people.
I’m sorry, what people? People too the General concept. Every nation is divided into classes. Members of the “United Russia” may well declare Vladimir Putin — “and we so faithfully serve the people in the face of the national bourgeoisie, and who said that it is not part of the Russian people!”

And what about our Russian intelligentsia…?

And here I am reminded of the immortal work of A. N. Tolstoy’s “road to Calvary” : “Oh, God, whom we serve? On the one hand, we are the descendents of the Slavophiles, that is, the Russian landlords ‘ idealism. The money we pay the domestic bourgeoisie, and at the same time , we serve exclusively people. Ha ha! People!”.

And isn’t that what we see now in the Russian Federation? When Prokhanov and Mikheeva tell us about some “code of the Russian people”, about some mystical destiny of the Russian people. It is not the landlord of Russian idealism?

However, the money they are paying newly minted Russian bourgeoisie. In what form — no matter! But paying.


And at the same time, they dare to claim that they supposedly serve the people! So what the people they serve?! They are the Russian bourgeoisie, which in size, approximately 10% of the multinational people — citizens of the Russian Federation.

Especially funny in this light, statements that the Constitution does not permit no state ideology.
Want someone to cheat, good gentlemen?
Is it not written in your Constitution a sacred principle of private property, which is related to the unchangeable articles of the Russian Federation? But it is precisely the cornerstone of bourgeois ideology. And the point about the prohibition ideology is nothing more than a defense of bourgeois ideology from Communist ideology. Therefore, the question of the Ministry is purely rhetorical.
Us workers are encouraged to serve the bourgeois state!
That is to recognize the goals of the state above personal interests. But the state is an instrument in the hands of the ruling class designed to protect power and property. In other words, we are asked to serve ,”rejecting myself”, the national bourgeoisie, to work for her, stuffing her pockets.

Not much if want, good gentlemen?

In one of his programs copyright Soloviev discussed the issue of Ministry. Tellingly, as soon as there is question of the purpose which they should serve, the conversation was immediately transferred to a lower level. Began at once hackneyed songs about unhappy doctors, teachers etc. and etc. In no way while not denying the plight of these citizens, however, let me ask you, who brought them in this situation? Bourgeois is the state called the Russian Federation? Do not domestic bourgeoisie, which invites all of us to serve?

The interesting question is: why there is such a theme, the theme of the SERVICE? Is it because of the bourgeois economic system deadlocked? More and more apparent antagonistic contradiction between the bourgeoisie and hired workers? Is it because increasingly, protests erupt in the Russian Federation, when the powers that be are forced to resort to direct suppression of protests. As, for example, in the city of Cheese Arkhangelsk region.

And here it becomes clear that the bourgeoisie can only be the bourgeois state. And for the hired workers the bourgeois state is the enemy, because of constantly trim them, not only social rights but also the right to live at all: the creeping monetization of education and health, increasing utility bills, rise in prices for consumer goods and food products.

No good gentlemen, despite all your ritual and ritual howls, do not wait!

The bourgeoisie and the workers, they are different classes. And although they’re, like, one people, their goals are opposite and antagonistic at its core!

M. A. Sorkin

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