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Ministry of education plans to collect a full dossier on teachers, students and parents

Data on offenses, driver license, and social networks

The Ministry of education and Ministry digital development of the Russian Federation has prepared a draft order approving the establishment of the Federal platform digital educational environment (TSOs). According to “Kommersant”, in addition to describing the goals and principles of operation of the platform, the project contains an “exemplary role model” data — questionnaires for student, teacher and parent.

In addition to personal data “student”, “teacher” and “parent” will have to specify in the questionnaire links to their social media accounts. In the questionnaire “Student”, in addition to data on progress, will need to provide their Tutors, list of classmates and fill in the box “Violations, accounting”. Digital teacher’s profile will contain information about his qualifications, scientific achievements and load. For profiles of “Teacher” and “Parent” also provides a field “Driver’s license” and “Passport”.

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At the request of the authors to explain for what purpose need to provide such information, the Ministry of education responded that “this consolidation of information will significantly facilitate acquisition of state and municipal services in education, including in electronic form”.

While the Ministry stressed that the collection and processing of data will be carried out on a voluntary basis with the consent of the participants in the educational process “in the framework of the current legislation of the Russian Federation on personal data”.

Interviewed by the newspaper experts is not clear how the collected data will be protected. Executive Director of NP “Assistance to competition development” Elena Avakian indicates that the school is not an institution which has the right to collect information about social networks, accumulate it without consent. The agreement can give the legal representatives of the child: “If the parents agree, of course, the school can collect this information. Another thing, how this consent is voluntary. If parents are forced, under the threat of problems for the child, then, of course, this action is illegal. I personally, as a parent, strongly opposed any collection and storage of such data. This attempt at a personal space for students,” says Helen Avakian. According to lawyer Roman Yankovsky, if the school collects this information, it can store only under condition of observance of the legislation on personal data, to explain why she collects, and not to store it too long.

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