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Mini: 3D detail of personalization to stand out

Mini: 3D-детали персонализации для того, чтобы выделиться Mini prints to personalize your car to a new level thanks to the new Mini Yours program is Customized

The process begins as expected, with the online Configurator. Clients download web page, and choice are available various options of components of personalisation, different styles of execution. You can use templated solutions or offer something different. For example, really get special plates with your printed name.

Right now, such adjustments available for the three components — the front wings (near the turn signals), interior trim plates on Porgy doors.

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Plus laser projection under doors, do not forget to underline. This means that, in addition to 3D printing, the Mini will also allow your behalf, for example, to Shine on the ground when the door opens.

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