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Millions of crabs occupied the coast of Cuba. Video

Миллионы крабов оккупировали берега Кубы. ВидеоMany of them crushed on the roads passing cars or eaten by birds.

Every year in April in Cuba, there is a “season of crabs” — the first phase of migration of the red crab, when females and males together. During migration of crabs in Cuba, there are restrictions for transport, the owners of which must move with caution, since the wheels can jump hundreds of the crustaceans.

The final stage of the event becomes the campaign of females to the sea, they lay their eggs and go back into the woods. Thousands of red, Magenta and scarlet crabs leave their cave and slowly head to the sea. It is a natural show every year attracts many tourists. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

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