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Millionaire from the city center. The singer went to the US and to 30, and earned her first $1 million

Миллионерша из райцентра. Белоруска уехала в США и к 30 заработала свой первый $1 млн

The singer Christina Horodyska moved to California 11 years ago. Having worked briefly in recruitment, she decided that she wants to earn independently. Started to sell on Amazon, but when I realized that I had reached the ceiling, opened its own production and for the year earned his first million. All before 30 years. Here is the story of Christine.

— I come from Slonim. He studied at the Baranavichy state University, studied English and German languages. After the fourth course went to work in the United States. I was 21 years old.

Then in Belarus among students, especially foreign language learners, were popular a few programs for which it was possible to go abroad to work and improve language skills. I chose to work on a cruise ship to work as it was possible for a year. Other programs have granted visas only for a few months and didn’t provide housing.

The whole year you are on the ship. Every two to three days it was possible to go for a walk around the city, in which he had arrived. The opportunity to see the country, too, was a good bonus. But now I can say that this work was very hard and tempered spirit.

<cite>reside in an enclosed space with the same people, to do monotonous work was not easy. Depression, of course, covered at times.</cite>

At the end of my working year I met my future husband, he hails from the Ukraine. I have returned to Belarus a month later he came and took me back to America. A few months after moving we got married and still together.

Миллионерша из райцентра. Белоруска уехала в США и к 30 заработала свой первый $1 млн

Photo from the personal archive of Christina Eurodisco

Business on Amazon

Many people have told me: if you want to achieve something in the USA need to do business, as it is the land of opportunity. These people were 100% right. I had thought to go to school, but American education at that time, I had no money and wanted to realize themselves.

Six months after moving I got a job in a medical company that provided services and sold certain medical products.

<cite>after a while I realized that these products demand. And offered guidance to open an online store. For three or four months, sales just soared. </cite>

The owners asked me to work 50 to 50 of profits from the online shop. But after a year apparently, look at what you’re missing — he changed his mind, decided to leave me and do it all yourself.

For a time it crippled me emotionally, but her husband was very supportive. I decided that I can do business. The idea is to sell medical products, health products, pregnant women I liked. This has always needed, is always in demand.

I created my online store on Amazon, found suppliers, made a catalogue and began to work. I was engaged in merchandising, marketing, monitored the traffic and so on, all doing one. At that time I was earning $ 2-3 thousand per month. When goods has become a lot, I rented a warehouse and hired people who were helping me.

Миллионерша из райцентра. Белоруска уехала в США и к 30 заработала свой первый $1 млн

Photo from the personal archive of Christina Eurodisco

It is important to understand that when you are in sales, especially in the US, work becomes your life, one you will not do anything. Stopped at least for a couple of days — stopped to earn. To cite an obvious example. My delivery was scheduled for Tuesday.

<cite>Saturday, I completed all the important work Monday I went into labor, I had to do a caesarean. On Tuesday, my ward brought a laptop. A week later I was already in the office and in the warehouse.</cite>

In the US a woman can not afford to have a baby, if she has no enough money. For health insurance and labor you have to pay. And lots of it. If you want to continue to work after the birth of the baby, a nanny and a kindergarten also cost money. There’s no maternity leave for 3 years, a few weeks. The state does to help you.

But, frankly, that’s what I stimulated. I set a goal: to earn enough money to be able to have a baby. I also wanted to 30 years to buy an apartment in the mortgage and to pay it. It worked for me. The apartment I figured out even before pregnancy. Found an apartment in a good area of San Diego near the ocean. 5 years ago they cost $ 435 thousand First payment was $ 80 thousand For three years I paid in full. After I wanted to buy a house. Saved up for a down payment, took a mortgage and bought it, and the apartment became rent — now it covers my mortgage payments for the house. Another passive small business.

Миллионерша из райцентра. Белоруска уехала в США и к 30 заработала свой первый $1 млн

Photo from wikimedia.org

From $ 2 thousand for the first month to $ 1 million

So after working a little over 5 years on Amazon, I realized that he had reached his financial ceiling. My personal income without accounting for all expenses was $ 7-8 thousand per month, and make more money I have not been able. It was necessary to develop further. I decided to open my own company that will produce goods. So there Terramed LLC.

We produce health products (compression stockings, tights, bandages for pregnant women, etc.). The production placed at the enterprise in Taiwan, it employs about 200 people. Plant I, of course, does not belong, we work on mutually advantageous conditions. In the production of content in a month takes about $ 50 thousand Sales now other people do on Amazon, like I used to. They promote the products. On advertising I spend about $ 500 a week. We started with $ 2 million revenue for the first month to the end of the year turnover (annual) amounted to $ 1 million.

In America no one invents. All take something that already exists, what demand, improve it and sell it. So we do, we do pretty well.

<cite>And not some special recipe of success is hard work. I believe that all Belarusians are: hard-nosed and very hardworking people who go to the end.</cite>

I work with 3 people who help with finances and other issues. If the tasks to be distributed correctly, that more people don’t have to. Plus now I don’t have a warehouse. We just sent it to the Amazon warehouse, where other people sell our products, customer service, shipping, returns and so on.

Миллионерша из райцентра. Белоруска уехала в США и к 30 заработала свой первый $1 млн

Photo from the personal archive of Christina Eurodisco

The hardest part of this business that everything is constantly changing. You should always watch the market to see what people are buying, then write what you want and what is not. You need to constantly monitor competitors to see what’s new and respond quickly.

I feel that my weakness as a businessman is marketing. And absolutely no time to go and get an education in this direction. And even if I was, I think, in marketing everything is changing so quickly that the education I would have come in handy, as the information is simply outdated.

I’m in Belarus would not be sitting on the couch

I’m sure America is the best for doing business the country. There are a lot of opportunities and a very grateful audience. Americans love to buy. They have a cult, a hobby. They buy after work, during breaks. For them the absolute norm during lunch to look at Amazon and see that there’s new are selling.

<cite>Belarus buy only if you need something, and the people here can do it, because, for example, they have nothing to do at the moment.</cite>

But just as Americans love to buy, they love to return. 20% returns are the norm.

If I stayed in Belarus, of course, would not be sitting on the couch and cried. I think, too, something would come up. I’m sure businessmen are born. No universities and a master’s degree will not help you if you have no internal understanding of how to make money how to sell. This, I believe, the most important quality needed by the entrepreneur.

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