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Milla Jovovich showed the grown daughters

Мила Йовович показала подросших дочерей41-year-old actress Milla Jovovich recently devoted herself to daughters.

As her Instagram is dedicated to how wonderful it is to still be a mom. Recall that the star will play the villain in the Hellboy restart.

The actress has two wonderful beauties: 9-year-old ever and 2-year-old Dashiell.

Adventure girls starts back in July when star mom picked up daughters and went to France.
“Me and my beautiful girl walking around Paris on my day off. It’s hot and stuffy, but there’s nothing better than wandering the streets with these two ladies,” expressed their feelings native of Ukraine.

Mila walked with her daughters in the city, they looked at Lunapark, where ate candy floss and played the slots.
Do not forget the actress who played the role of Jeanne D”Arc, tell the girls about the history. The family looked at the “farm” of Marie Antoinette. In the signature to pictures Jovovich said that it was exciting to see the place where “starts the beginning of the end of the French Royal family, and the life that they so longed for here, cost them their heads.”

After spending two weeks in Paris, the star of the family returned home, where their adventure is not over.

“Don’t let tell you that motherhood is not glamorous. Today, my two year old daughter decided to use my face as a canvas for my gummy stickers”, — has signed the actress a photograph pasted are all bright stars and stripes.

Teaches her daughter Mila is not only to respect the history, but also culinary skills.
“There’s nothing better than kuhovarit with your children, because that’s what we did in the past few days. Today my firstborn, ever and I baked a cake, and it was dangerous, I want to tell you,” wrote Mila in the picture, which depicted together with his eldest daughter at the half-eaten pie.

It is known that the actress has already begun filming have to restart Hellboy, and therefore is often missing at home. But the return of waiting for her warm and loving arms of her daughters: “There is nothing better than the arms that welcome you home your children. I was flattened when I got back home.”

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