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Milla Jovovich in Moscow: “I fed the child among the corpses and zombies”


14 Feb actress Milla Jovovich (Milla Jovovich) and her husband, Director Paul W. S. Anderson (Paul WS Anderson) presented in Moscow his film “Resident evil: the final Chapter”. At a press conference Milla immediately declared that the likes of Moscow and glad that she had the opportunity to come back. The actress was in a good mood, joked a lot and with pleasure answered questions of journalists, for the most part in Russian.

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Many were interested in an open end of the picture — it is still to be continued? Unfortunately, the actress has made it clear that this is indeed the last Chapter of the film. According to Jovovich, the film is the most emotional and complex compared to other parts of the “Monastery”, and the viewer will notice it.

Milla also admitted that working on the last part of the film was sad and happy at the same time. On the one hand is the farewell to the heroine Alice, with which she walked side by side 15 years. On the other is the pride of the eldest daughter ever, who starred as “Resident” with my mother.

Jovovich said that when ever was five years old, she confessed her that he wanted to be an actress. Milla immediately thought, “no!” The parents were sure that after a time the girl forgot about it, but ever stood up. When Jovovich realized that her heiress is determined, then advised her to read more and to study a lot.

During the filming of “Resident evil: the final Chapter” Millais had to combine work and motherhood — in March 2015, the actress gave birth to second daughter Dashiel Eden. In recognition of the stars was not easy: in between the takes she had to do a 10-minute break to feed the baby. However, Jovovich thinks that it looked funny. “I’m running from zombies and then they give me 10 minutes to feed the baby. And here is a picture: the end of the world, everything explodes, mountains of corpses, hordes of zombies, and I’m in the middle of it all bloody with pink blankets that wrapped the baby. To me a zombie and says, “how pretty!”


Many questions also dealt with Russia and Russian cinema. To the question, what new Russian film for the last time Millais was able to see, the actress admitted that, as a mother of two girls, the only thing she watches is cartoons. However, among them there are Russian, such as “Masha and the bear”.

In recognition Jovovich, if she was asked to play any character from Russian classics, she would choose Anna Karenina. “Although I’m probably too old for this role” — with a laugh added a star.

In the final press-conference of Milla said that he would like to come to Russia together with her daughters for several months. “I want to see not only Moscow. I dream to see the real Russia,” said Jovovich.

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