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Milla Jovovich about the new “resident evil”

Restart the film adaptation of the iconic video game series “Resident Evil” only recently made itself felt, but the project is already being actively discussed in the Internet, and beyond. We have learned about participation in shaping the future reboot “of our entire” modern horror by James WAN – and now we hear that re-thinks the star of “resident evil” Milla Jovovich.

They (Constantin Film) has long been thought about restarting the “resident evil”, and that’s what I think: I love this universe. It has huge potential, and I would have gladly used it if I was a producer. In my opinion, “Resident evil” turned out to be so special because the people who participated in its creation, really loved their work and were fans of the game. Hope for a start there are those people who would be dealing with the same dedication as we do, and then we can talk about restarts. In this genre the viewer is very sensitive to hypocrisy. Horror fans aren’t idiots, they can understand when something is done for the sake of creativity, and when it’s just a matter of profit.

Well, we all love Milla and appreciate her contribution to kynoselen franchise “Resident Evil”, but to optionally be treated with considerable irony – just look at the quality of the script and performances in recent films in the series. Moreover, to the plot of the game Director, and part-time and husband to Milla, Paul W. S. Andersonwere very dismissive, much to the upset fans of the original creation from Capcom. It remains to be seen what will become “Resident evil” under the supervision of van – will it be another entertaining, but brainless action, or the emphasis will shift to horrorshow component of the story.

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