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Military robots, already used by the military. Photo

Боевые роботы, которые уже используют военные. ФотоRise of the machines close.

Not the first decade of the military, scientists and engineers strive to minimize the number of people present on the battlefield and increase the efficiency of the armies through the use of high-tech devices, a cohort which is headed today by a variety of unmanned vehicles. The idea that a remotely controlled machine can be no less effective than a human fighter captures the minds of people, but because the robots actively join the army of peace on both sides of the ocean.

1. S-100 Camcopter

Боевые роботы, которые уже используют военные. Фото

Drone helicopter was created by Australian engineers and has successfully passed all tests in the 2003-2005 year. In fact, the S-100 Camcopter is a camera radar detection. The machine detects the radar signals of ships able to identify these signals and to set the location of the tactical groups. All this S-100 Camcopter is doing, while remaining invisible to the enemy. The car is not able to harm the enemy, but copes with the intelligence task.

2. NRQ-21 Blackjack

Боевые роботы, которые уже используют военные. Фото

Other intelligence apparatus at this time used by the US army, mainly in offshore operations. Starts in the air NRQ-21 Blackjack when using the catapult. The drone is one of the smallest in the line of sea scouts. Able to carry equipment weighing 11.3 kg. In the air when fully loaded and kept for 16 hours. Due to the small size NRQ-21 can be run even with the smaller naval ships, which is a huge plus apparatus.

3. Saab AUV-62-AT

Боевые роботы, которые уже используют военные. Фото

Development engineers from Sweden. This time the underwater drone, which has a dual purpose: training and combat. All that makes the AUV-62-AT – it simulates the presence of an enemy submarine. Thus, the machine or can “scare” enemy submarines, or can be used by the Navy for training of their own submarine. The apparatus is immersed to a depth of 300 meters and can operate in standalone mode up to 20 hours.

4. USV – 2600

Боевые роботы, которые уже используют военные. Фото

The creation of the canadian engineers. The robot, in fact, is the research, however, is in service with the canadian Navy. The machine can carry the various equipment, in particular sonar for mapping the sea bottom, with instruments to measure water temperature and sea currents, and much more. The robot is controlled by an operator from land or ship.


Боевые роботы, которые уже используют военные. Фото

Coastal surveillance system quick embed or WRDSS is a fully automated defense system standing in service by the Office of naval research of the U.S. Department of defense. The robot is used for the protection of important coastal areas, bays, ports, docks, harbors, and other similar areas. The car is very “smart”. Thanks to the impressive set of sensors, WRDSS can detect and track any threat: the enemy ships, submarines, unmanned vehicles, and even swimmers-divers.

6. Iver-3

Боевые роботы, которые уже используют военные. Фото

Automatic robot, which was shown in the exercises in 2016. Looks Iver-3 as a rocket or torpedo. Machine developed was a company Oceanserver. Unmanned ship weighs 36 pounds and can dive to a depth of 100 feet, working for 8 hours. Used this military robot with good purpose – detection of underwater mins Helps Oceanserver in this special magnetic sensor.

7. Sea Hunter

Боевые роботы, которые уже используют военные. Фото

Aerial reconnaissance drone used by the army and Navy of the United States. The machine is equipped the latest laser radar, allowing her air to find dangerous areas, such as reefs, mapping of the seabed without diving into the water to find wrecks. Used Sea Hunter for operational intelligence and the study of the environment in those areas of operations that were not timely explored other mapping equipment that operates with greater accuracy, but require long deployment.

8. C-Worker 5

Боевые роботы, которые уже используют военные. Фото

British surface multi-purpose ship, capable of a tank of fuel to move at a speed of 9 km / h for the whole week. The machine runs on diesel engine. To bring the car to perform the most different tasks, depending on the C-Worker 5 equipment. Camera can, be controlled by the operator and to act independently. Coordinates perfectly with other unmanned devices.


Боевые роботы, которые уже используют военные. Фото

The apparatus of the Modular Advanced Armed Robotic System – this is impressive firepower crawler that is able to provide substantial support to the land forces. A distinctive feature of MAARS is its modular design that allows in the shortest possible time to equip the machine with the most different equipment and weapons. The machine is equipped with several cameras with night vision devices. Can be used to defeat manpower and equipment of the enemy, neutralize the manpower with the help of gas and of course the intelligence and guidance of fire.

10. DOGO

Боевые роботы, которые уже используют военные. Фото

This kid is a little similar to the machine of death and destruction, at least until he delivered the firearm, gas or flash-Bang charge. As you might guess, the DOGO was created specifically for police and military special forces. Baby used for reconnaissance and covert neutralization of enemy, for example, in a hostage situation.

11. Gladiator

Боевые роботы, которые уже используют военные. Фото

The brainchild of American military engineers. Multi-purpose armored robot fire support and forward reconnaissance in conditions of direct confrontation with the enemy. Tasks of the machine are changed depending on weapons and equipment. Many cameras and sensors allow the operator to observe what is happening around and to provide assistance to ground units. Machine speeds up to 16 km / h powered by diesel engine and uses both track-and 6-wheel base.

12. PD-100 Black Hornet

Боевые роботы, которые уже используют военные. Фото

Miniature reconnaissance robot with two cameras and a microphone, able to move through the air and collect important information. Created the “Black hornet” company Prox Dynamics and looks like a miniature helicopter. Flies with a speed of 10 m / s machine dimensions – mm. 100х25х120 Today is in service with the British army and the representatives of the military has already saved the lives of commandos in actual combat operations.

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