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Military doctors conducted exercises in the Luhansk region. Video

Военные медики провели учения в Луганской области. Видео Participation in the exercise was attended advanced surgical unit.

Training for military medics has been on one of the polygons in Luhansk region. Conditional operated on the wounded in an advanced surgical unit.

In the first stage, all the men are sorting. “Red is a heavy, critical, black is the patients or the dead, or moribund. But now, as a rule, the dying is a struggle. Yellow is average patients, of moderate severity, which are stable, but going into the second turn for assistance. And green – these are all easily injured or wounded”, – said the head of the surgical Department mobile hospital Andrey Vorovsky.

“There is a special card, form 100, we write it in their information, how they are part of. It’s a must. And then, when the doctor examines it, write a diagnosis,” says the nurse and sorting office Inna Mishchenko.

Olga Kosinski works as a nurse for over two years. Says on the front it has a love of Ukraine. Every day, a woman helps to heal many soldiers. “I work as a nurse, love my job, enjoy it,” says Olga.

This advanced surgical team is able to work 15 days in the field without reinforcements. Prior to that, worked front of the brigade for 72 hours. “Given the fact that the possible sanitary losses, we increased the number of surgeons and number of anesthesiologists as soon as possible at the stage of medical evacuation to provide adequate medical care, and thus save the lives of soldiers,” – said the soldier of the medical service Andrew Telefunka.

Such exercises sharpen the skills of physicians, said Oleg Goncharov. It’s on the front for 4 years. Says, the cases are different. “In 2014 … we evacuated the wounded from the battlefield. Was massive trauma. We from the battlefield were taken by helicopter and transported to a medical facility,” recalled Oleg Goncharov.

After the exchange of experience and training newcomers to the squad will travel to the front. The minimum distance from the combat zone is up to ten kilometers.

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