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Militants strengthen their positions in the Donbass

Боевики усиливают свои позиции на ДонбассеAnother couple of hundred mercenaries joined the ranks of the hybrid army of the Russian Federation in the hot spot near Donetsk.

Command hybrid reinforced Russian army tactical group to the West of Slavyanoserbsk in the Lugansk region mixed mortar battery, throw to the village a Bold four trucks with 120 mm mortars and ammunition, as well as the GAZ-66 82-mm a mortar “cornflower” in the body. This is stated in the report of group of military experts of Information resistance.

Also in the column of militants captured two armoured personnel carriers APC and two infantry fighting vehicles BMP-1.

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Near Donetsk to positions in the area of Alexandrovka and to Spartacus occupants are actively moving on the weekends manpower – to the Petrovsky district several Trucks through the city has deployed more than 100 people, BTR and MT-LB, on Spartacus four Trucks and two BMP-1 transferred to another 70-75 militants.

When audits “auditors” of some units of the hybrid army of the Russian Federation revealed that in the course of the rotation, many of them ignore the need for repair and maintenance of equipment and weapons, and a particularly critical situation with the vehicle. Also revealed a large number of “dead souls”, although the documentation that is fixed by the full complement of units.

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Due to the separate bands of the army of invaders like “battalions” of “Somalia” and “Sparta” will employ “the linear part of the army DND”, which revealed a chronic shortage of personnel.

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