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Militants have stepped up patrols of Luhansk

Боевики усилили патрулирование ЛуганскаThe separatists are looking for “Ukrainian saboteurs”.

Reportedly, the city centre today there is no cordon. Disappeared and armed men with white armbands.

“Near the building of the former Luhansk regional state administration is fully open for pedestrians and cars, there is quite crowded,” said local resident Sergei, whose name is changed for security purposes.

According to him, the militants have stepped up patrols in the city and looking for a traditionally “Ukrainian saboteurs”.

“But gunmen with white bandages that came last week from Donetsk,” – he added.

Another source said that former employees of the social insurance Fund has warned of pay cuts of 60%.

“It’s bad. Reduce all pensioners. The average salary was in the region of 18 thousand rubles, which was hard to live, and now even more so (7.2 thousand rubles – ed.)”, – the source added.

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