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Militants fired over conduct of leaders

Боевики увольняются из-за поведения главарейAmong the militants is growing dissatisfaction with the dismissive behavior of the Russian officers.

Morale of militants of the terrorist organizations DNR/LNR is low. It is reported by the Main intelligence Directorate of the defense Ministry in Facebook.

“1 separate motorized rifle brigade (Kalmiuska) and 9 separate assault infantry regiment of the marine corps (Novoazovsk) 1 AK (Donetsk) of the armed forces because of dissatisfaction with the soldiers dismissive behavior of the Russian officers and long-term psychophysical stress due to the fighting marked increase in the number of cases of submission of reports to the dismissal,” – said Gur. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

In addition, according to intelligence reports, the increase in the number wishing to leave was influenced by a “commander of a separate motorized infantry 9 assault Marines” on concealing the real number of irrecoverable losses at carrying out of provocative and subversive actions.

In Gur noted that among the militants of the DNR terrorist organization does not stop violations of military discipline relating to the abuse of alcohol and drugs.

“To punish the perpetrators, the Russian officers all staff in the division where the offence was detected, transferred to the barracks for a month a month,” reports the intelligence.

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