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Miley Cyrus will play in the fifth season of the TV series “Black mirror”

Pop singer Miley Cyrus (Miley Cyrus) has confirmed that she will star in the upcoming fifth season of the cult sci-Fi series “Black mirror” (Black Mirror).

Thus, one of the rumours surrounding the new season, turned out to be true. According to other rumors, the premiere of the new season on Netflix will take place on December 28.

Cyrus about his participation, “said” on the morning show guest presenter Howard stern. Stern gave a kind of game, the rules of which he voiced various rumors about the singer, and she had to nod, if the rumor proved to be true. Later, Miley added:

I hate everything and everyone, but this is the first time I feel something like pride for his work… but how do you know if I like something, it does not mean that it will not be terrible.

According to singer, the shooting in the series was great for her and “strange” experience as

…I was so far from home, and the show already very dark…

That is true, the serial-anthology “Black mirror”, in each series which tells a new story, it’s really hard to call cheerful – except we never saw that and it didn’t write, isn’t it?

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