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Mike Flanagan wants to film two more novels by Stephen king

This year, one of the most prominent horror Directors of our time, Mike Flanagan, has put a very good adaptation of the novel of Stephen king’s “Gerald’s Game”. Not perfect, but very strong – the critics mostly liked it.

Hence journalists overdue to Flanagan working at the moment a new production of “phantom of the house on the hill” for Netflix, the obvious question – what book King of horror he’d like to move on the screen? Mike happily replied:

Such a great deal. But most interesting to me , “Doctor Sleep” and “the Story of Lizzie”. In both cases, because I can easily correlate themselves with the main characters. “The story of Lizzie” is an exciting work, a great study of marriage. And who wouldn’t want to return to the world of Danny TORRANCE?

The choice is really good and interesting though that none of these novels have not been filmed. “Doctor Sleep” personally, I really liked it, though, before it would not prevent restart feature before it “Lights” performed closer to the text of king. Well, “the Story of Lizzie” and the author would very much like to see the screen – adaptation of one intended to shoot Josh Boone, but then darted between the other works and in the end went to expand the universe of X-Men first horror film. And Flanagan in terms of respect for the original source you can trust – so that would be nice, take it the production of these paintings. What people think about you?

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