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Microsoft has officially launched a new video service

Microsoft официально запустила новый видеосервисThanks to a new service Microsoft share videos in companies will become much easier.

The product Stream after a year of testing became available to everyone.

Along with the official release of the Stream there is a new function. The main is an automatic transcription of the text and search on those. For their work meets the Microsoft cloud platform.

According to the program Manager of the Court Vishal (Vishal Sood), through these opportunities, employees will be easier to find videos. The service itself allows you to easily add videos metadata like tags, and the possibility of artificial intelligence make it easier to search for the desired content without human intervention.

Stream is now also integrated with Office 365 Groups, Teams, Microsoft, Yammer, OneNote, and SharePoint.

Companies produce more and more video content. Microsoft wants to Stream thanks to share and view the companies was as easy as on YouTube.

The service was joined by more than 100 thousand users from more than 11 thousand organizations. The Redmond giant is going to transfer the Stream to all subscribers of Office 365 Video, so the number of users of the new product soon will increase dramatically. The court expects that most or even all members of the Office 365 Video will move in the Stream to the end of the year.

The service is available to all subscribers of Office 365 Enterprise, Education, and Kiosk. “Smart” features available only to those who have furnished premium Office 365 subscription E5.

Microsoft will also allow enterprises to connect to Stream yourself using one of two tariff plans. The first group includes all the basic functions, including storing and sending the video: it will cost $3 per month. For $5 a month you can get access to translation, text-to-speech and search.

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