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Microsoft has become more expensive Google

Microsoft стала дороже GoogleMicrosoft overtook Google and became the world’s third largest by market capitalization.

Company Microsoft for the first time in three years surpassed the capitalization of holding Alphabet, which belongs to Google.

Now Microsoft is the third largest private company in the world.

It is noted that in the last 12 months Microsoft grew by 40 percent. This increase is more than 5 times more than the growth Alphabet. The rapid growth of the stock impact on the market value of Microsoft and now the company has overtaken Google for the first time in the last three years.

It is interesting that as Microsoft and Google ahead of analysts ‘ forecasts for the last quarter.

Now the value of Microsoft is $760 billion, whereas Alphabet — $745 billion This allowed her to enter the top three most expensive in the world after Apple — $921 billion and Amazon is $788 billion. Alphabet dropped to fourth place, followed by Facebook and China’s Tencent.

It is noted that Microsoft has 35% of the sub-units of the Windows Surface and the playing area is about 30% – cloud services, and just over 30% – Office and other software. While Microsoft and Google are competing in fields including cloud computing, Internet search, artificial intelligence and speech recognition technology.

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