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Microsoft engineers have developed a tiny processor

Инженеры Microsoft разработали крошечные процессорыFor the application of such technology sphere is incredibly wide

Research unit of Microsoft Research has opened access to a library of Embedded Learning Library, which will make a real AI on a tiny processor.

Artificial intelligence algorithms are really integrated in the chip size even with the breadcrumbs.

Microsoft admitted that the use of such technology sphere is incredibly wide, miniature processors can find application in “smart” gloves that can recognize sign language and his voice, or brain implants able to notify the media about possible seizures. Tiny chips were tested on a single-Board computer Arduino Uno. One of the main advantages of these processors in addition to their size is increased protection against hacking.

Also, Microsoft announced a platform based on the Intel Strarix 10 called Brainware. The system is able to accelerate the training of AI and processing algorithms. Users when using devices with similar base fails to receive responses from the AI in real-time.

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