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Microsoft boasted a new record for the game Minecraft

Microsoft похвалилась новым рекордом игры MinecraftA message indicating that the game Fortnite could take away the palm from Minecraft was premature.

Microsoft said that the number of monthly active users of the “sandbox” is equal to 91 million people.

According to the latest information, the total circulation of copies sold of the cubic simulation of survival reached 154 million copies. This allows him to leave behind GTA V and second only to Tetris in the ranking of the most popular interactive entertainment. Also it is worth to remember the 100 million players of the Chinese version of Minecraft, which is distributed by free-to-play model.

The current lead developer of Minecraft Helen Chiang in an interview with Business Insider said about the intentions to expand the franchise with new spinoff as Minecraft: Story Mode and the newly announced Minecraft: Dungeons. Moreover, it is important for companies to try new genres and not just release iteration of the franchise, as do their colleagues.

Note that in 2014, Microsoft bought the game in the Swedish game designer Markus Persson for $ 2.5 billion. Enhanced capabilities of the new owner, she began to grow steadily: in the year 2018, the number of monthly active gamers increased by 20 million people.

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