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Microsoft announced its own streaming service games

Microsoft анонсировала собственный сервис стриминга игрPublic test is scheduled for next year.

As recent trends, many leading companies believe in the success of streaming services and cloud gaming. And if projects such as the GeForce Now Nvidia and PlayStation Now from Sony is already available for several years, just recently Google announced a similar service Project Stream.

In turn, decided not to lag behind competitors and Microsoft. The development, called Project xCloud enables you to run Xbox One games on PC, other consoles, with a focus on mobile gadgets. At the moment, lasts for closed testing, and next year the technology will be available for the mass market.

For the most comfortable game you will need a wireless controller from the original Xbox One connected via Bluetooth. In the absence of Hamada, refers to support for touch controls. Technology Project xCloud is based on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform using special servers that are closest to the hardware and software features to the Xbox One. By the way, the Microsoft Azure data centers located in more than 140 countries and therefore for the successful implementation of the service Project xCloud already have a ready base.

At the moment, the minimum speed of Internet connection is stated at 10 Mbit/S. in addition, one of the initial requirements specification is to ensure the health technologies Project xCloud in existing 4G networks.

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