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Microsoft and Amazon are working on an interesting project

Microsoft и Amazon работают над интересным проектомGiant companies trying to combine their technologies.

Microsoft and Amazon are the cooperation in the field of mutual integration of voice assistants, Cortana and Alexa, which will allow the users of one of the assistants to use the services of another on a variety of devices.

According to the publication, a partnership agreement between the two companies was reached in may of last year, when the head of Amazon Jeff Bezos discussed the idea with CEO of Microsoft by Satya Nadella. It is noted that the heads of Amazon and Microsoft have supported the idea of a similar integration with voice assistants like Apple and Google.

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Judging by the description, integration by Alexa and Cortana will be implemented the simplest way: to use an assistant from Microsoft, the device owner with the assistant Alexa will need to ask him to launch Cortana and Vice versa.

This integration will also give users the Alexa to access some special functions assistant Cortana, including access to Office products. In turn, users of Cortana will be able to estimate unavailable assistant Microsoft opportunities Alexa.

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The Verge notes that the news about the cooperation of companies can be called a surprise. If previously big companies had created their assistants apart, the partnership in this area could improve the quality of their work and to extend the functionality.

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