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Micromax Q4260: beautiful and durable smartphone

Indian company Micromax presented on the Russian market a new smartphone with Q4260 Canvas Juice A1 plus. This model is aimed to several categories of potential buyers – those who want a stylish smartphone, those looking for something original in design and those who need a cell phone that does not need to be charged every day.

Beauty and design to Q4260 Micromax Canvas Juice A1 plus questions arise – looks very stylish and expensive, and there is even an element of brutality with a textured frame body made of plastic soft touch, but the battery and its capabilities hidden from view. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Today Q4260 Micromax Canvas Juice A1 plus in our test, and we will try to understand what this smartphone, priced at the time of writing, 9000 rubles. Only in the future we will use the abbreviated name Micromax Q4260 – too long to say everything. The smartphone is provided for testing the online store and General store



Box Micromax Q4260 different from those that sell 90% of modern smartphones from Indian vendors – it is made in the spirit of packing from Micromax AQ5001 who visited us on the test in the summer of 2015, and it’s good because it makes a good impression and looks expensive.

Packing here is twofold: on top of the main box there is another extra where there is a photo of the device from all angles strategically important, though not faithful to the end – cell is depicted in dark grey, while the test gave us a Golden version.

Below is the average completeness a list of the specifications of the smartphone, and lists all of its main advantages, which should pay attention when choosing a new means of communication in favor of this model. In General, the information content of the package is very good, except that the color of the gadget’s fault.



Set of accessories, complete with which comes the new Micromax Q4260, can be considered advanced. The standard filling can be attributed, perhaps, data cable, manual and warranty card.

In addition to this there is another guide that is much shorter in case the buyer is not mastered first, along with earphones, charger and the film on the screen.

We made it in a separate list because headphones here – not just the ear, but quite good ear plugs with ear cushions mean diameter, and the charger gives out 2 amps instead of the standard 1 amp, so the battery will recharge much faster.

As for the film, then here it is apart from smartphone, so it will have to glue yourself.



Information about the hardware front the Micromax Q4260 before you buy, you can find on the official website or on the box, but in these sources there is little information. We found a more extensive list in the “Yandex.Market”, plus a little more information is in the instruction manual, that detailed, not short.

– screen: 5 inch, IPS, 1280×720 pixels;

– processor: MediaTek MT6737V, 4 cores, of 1.27 GHz;

– memory: 1 GB of RAM, 16 GB ROM, microSD up to 32GB;

– OS: Android 6.0 Marshmallow, regular interface;

– work in networks: GSM, 3G, LTE;

– camera: main 8 MP, front 5 MP;

slots: 2хЅІМ, microSD;

wired interfaces: microUSB 2.0, 3.5 mm;

– wireless interfaces: Wi-Fi 802.11 n, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, FM;

– battery: non-removable 4000 mAh battery, 1000 hours standby, 20 hours of talk time;

– additional features: fingerprint scanner;

– dimensions: 144х72х10 mm;

– weight: 167 grams.


This list shows that the main competitive advantages of this smartphone is its battery and built-in dactyloscopy. Everything else in one way or another layout found in other mobile phones, and few were surprised by the presence of only 1 GB of RAM. This is the level of machines for 6-7 thousand rubles, but our guest today is significantly more expensive.



The exterior of the new Micromax Q4260 tried, it can be seen immediately, but its design was clearly not created from scratch – very much like looks model Micromax Q465 even shade housing one to one match.

However, the features this phone has, and they are many: that there is only one area of the screen that switched off it looks really elegant – side frames are missing completely. Definitely priplyusuem to it a powerful frame of the housing of black plastic soft touch with exciting texture surface for ease of grip and add at least partially, but still metal caseback.

Micromax Q4260 looks very expensive – level smartphones for 15-20 thousand rubles, and even more expensive. This contributes to a 2.5 D glass on the front panel, and chrome edging around the fingerprint scanner flashes and the main camera, as well as three-dimensional Micromax logo on the back and a large speaker mesh. Design in the amount of five-plus, especially in the gold version.

But only up until off the screen. Once it runs, is visible not even quite large by modern standards the screen frame.



Micromax Q4260 is excellent hand – roughened rear panel made of metal, textured trim entire body and a solid weight. All this does not give him the slip, and its weight adds a sense of reliability and solidity. The device is sturdily built, does not creak, no backlash and no tinkles side buttons during use. These buttons, incidentally, are placed on the right side, where they are supposed to be.

The upper face of the housing of the smartphone are given under the headphone Jack and the microUSB slot on the bottom face has a lone microphone and rear, top to bottom, we see the main camera, single flash, fingerprint scanner and grid dynamics.

On the front panel, besides the screen is the earpiece, camera and sensors are standard, but the touch buttons, the manufacturer has decided to save, and they are displayed on the screen, whereby the lower frame is not the compact size remains generally untapped. And it is in the phone claiming to imagepost.

Another miscalculation in ergonomics: back cover Micromax Q4260, pleasant to the touch and metal is cool, very firmly sits in its place and so easy to do not going. To remove the cover must be strictly using the guitar pick or a plastic card – in any case do not attempt this with nails, otherwise the nearest nail salon will be added to the work, and you diminish the mood and money.

Under the hood you can see the large size of the battery, bolted to the hull directly with four bolts for greater reliability. He is fixed, and because cards can be exchanged to hot – there are three separate slots, one for microSD and microSIM under two. In the lower part you can see a single speaker with standard dimensions.



Cons screen we have talked – he has a large frame and virtual buttons, so now let’s talk about the pros, especially because a lot of them. First and foremost is the matrix IPS, which is quite honest and provides good viewing angles.

The fading display is the place to be, as Micromax Q4260 this is not the flagship, but it manifests itself only under very extreme, almost 180-degree viewing angles, so it can be neglected. The colour screen is quite decent, colors very juicy, acidic but not like on AMOLED. The backlight brightness level: 25-35% enough for the eyes, but the sun display, even at maximum brightness darkish, although quite readable.

In General, the screen makes a good impression, if not pay attention to the breadth of frameworks and virtual buttons. Supports five simultaneous touches, according to the test AnTuTu, and the density matrix is 320 PPI.



The sound in Micromax Q4260 very juicy. Not loud, although this is also the order, namely, juicy, rich. By default, the primary speaker is very good, the range of volume settings is very wide, and he perfectly plays both high and low frequencies, nothing cutting.

Micromax Q4260 sounds nice and moderately loud, but in the car, for example, it is possible to hear not always. Bundled headphones or a full headset sound level the headphones in the price range “of 500 rubles”, so this free bonus can not but rejoice. Built-in headset microphone captures the sound well, but unfortunately, filter outside noise is not able, although with a wind of moderate force to cope well.

With the microphone on the handset, the situation is better: the sound of a voice, the interviewee, cleaner, noise though audible, but only nominally and do not interfere with the conversation. To earpiece as vibromotors, claims, absolutely no – everything here is on the highest level.


Software and fingerprint scanner

Micromax Q4260 runs on pure Google Android 6.0 Marshmallow without additional membranes, which reduced the size of the system after the first boot to a minimum is seen in the screenshot. Plus there is the ability to easily free up a lot of disk space if you take a closer look at the installed applications.

In the smartphone we recited 18 third-party apps, among which the program of “Yandex”, toys and, of course, Apps Press, and almost all of these utilities can be removed without rooting. The default of 1 GB of RAM available to the user only about 300 MB, so deal with the preinstalled software is definitely worth it. But the flash card Micromax Q4260 at first, may not need 16 GB of internal memory is not so little.

The fingerprint scanner in this model is located on the rear panel and is painted in the color of the body. It is easy to find by touch, as it is recessed into the body, and he quickly copes with its mandated duty is triggered instantly and the screen lights up a little less than a second. In the standard version, however, dactyloscopy cannot be configured to operate with the camera.


The camera

Built-in Micromax Q4260 camera as if taken from a more expensive smartphone – and front, and the main shoot is fine for your resolution. Selfie camera slightly distorts the color, making images of pale, but it is quite standard situation for most smartphones.

Artifacts even when artificial light is not seen, the granularity, plus this model uses standard software from Google for PTZ control, convenient and always working correctly. Matrix almost without delay react to the change of position of phone in space.

The only thing missing Micromax Q4260 is a bit more bright flashes. In fact, for photos it is possible not to use, so it’s only built-in flashlight.



Micromax Q4260 tested in the benchmark AnTuTu and Quadrant Standard the last time version. Both synthetic test put high marks on the processor and memory, and was unhappy with the video subsystem. Nevertheless, in toys, undemanding to iron, namely, runners, tower defense and the like a smartphone is not slow and can handle the operation of the gaming console.
In apps, web surfing and working with photos and documents of the slowdown was observed. The overall result is: 29820 points Micromax Q4260 put the test AnTuTu and Quadrant smartphone 9403 earned points.


Work offline

The battery capacity of Micromax Q4260 is 3950 mAh, although the box and website indicate that the capacity is 4000 mAh, at least as stated by the manufacturer. Package includes battery charger 2 ampere, which restores energy in the battery in an average 2.5-3 hours.

The smartphone is quite economical which is a battery drain even without activation power saving mode – for standard use with Wi-Fi enabled battery sufficed approximately for three days. Under standard usage, we mean a little bit of everything: a bit of social networking, calls, streaming video, toys and so on. In total, the smartphone was in the hands of three to five hours a day, so in this mode it will last a total of about 13-14 hours, which is quite a lot, especially during these three days he was still in standby mode, with two active SIM-cards.

Very good Micromax Q4260 showed itself in Navigator – battery is dead in just 3.5 hours, while satellites in cold start was found in under a minute. And I still do not understand why it was necessary to mount the battery plate to the body, but still retain the four screws. During charging and operation of battery heating was minimal.



Q4260 is another example of how to do a stylish and functional smartphones with the appropriate price tag. Micromax did a good job, and she turned to give the camera and the beauty, and brutality at the same time, which is extremely rare in modern machines.

The handset can be attributed to the family long as a single charge it runs much longer than their “classmates”. Remains unclear only the issue with the RAM – he would have 1 GB, and his competitors would not have left.

Overall Micromax Q4260 is a great smartphone for the money that will suit all buyers, regardless of gender and age.


Pros Micromax Q4260

– enhanced package;

metal rear panel;

– capacious battery;

– pure Android;

– support 4G;

– the fingerprint scanner.


Cons Micromax Q4260

– on-screen control buttons;

– a wide display frame.

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