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Michelin announces tire that can withstand a speed of 482 km/h

Michelin анонсирует шины, способные выдержать скорость в 482 км/чOne of our customers a super fast tire is the company Hennessey Special Vehicles.

Today, tires are a major obstacle to hypercar on the road to overcoming the speed record.

Cars increase the power and from year to year is becoming faster. The limit of the capabilities of modern hypercars is still not achieved, because in the world of tires, capable of long time to withstand heavy loads high speeds. However, the tire manufacturers have long been working on solving this issue and it seems the first response is almost ready.

For a long time held the speed record Bugatti Veyron 431 km/h is Now his successor Chiron with a W16 engine with a capacity of 1479 “horses” ready to take over a Laurel wreath, but its top speed is electronically limited to 420 km/h. For security reasons, the customers, of course. And the record now holds the Koenigsegg Agera RS which recently was able to fix the 447,18 speed in km/h.

Any of these three cars are capable of more. Besides them there are a dozen super – and hypercar for which the speed of 400+ is the norm. However, they are all waiting for the next phase of technological progress – namely, the advent of the tire that can work at such speeds.

The publication Bloomberg has become the first tyre manufacturer who will be able to cross the threshold speed may be Michelin. Eric Spedding, one of the top managers of the company responsible for new products, said, “We stand on the threshold of the speed limit 300 mph (482,8 km/h)”. This means that the company’s specialists already very close to solving the problem, however, ready-made solution yet.

One of our customers a super fast tire is the company Hennessey Special Vehicles, is known for its incredible tuning cars, and more recently supercar of its own design. The company is preparing a new model called the Venom F5. As told by company founder John Hennessey, overcome the mark of 300 miles per hour is the goal when creating the F5, because the speed records “is important to our company, our family and our customers.” With more than 1600 HP, a weight of just 1360 kg and the coefficient of air resistance of 0.33 future Hennessey Venom F5 has the chance to achieve this goal. If the emergence of a Michelin (or other tire manufacturer) will have time to produce the appropriate shoes.

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