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Michael Weller: “In the oil war with the Arabs, our club found their brick wall”

Михаил Веллер: «В нефтяной войне с арабами наша дубина нашла на их кирпичную стену»

Justice, morality, and conscience is “absolutely abstract” category; and the worst is “when men, and especially women, are sitting at home hungry children”.

In the issue under the title “Conscience and distribution of elephants” on his YouTube channel writer Mikhail Weller in his usual prickly manner commented on a number of topical issues.

“With the oil guys our dovypendrivalis. A little lost and forgot who to show off can and who can not. It is the Europeans of honor is long gone, you spit in the eye – say, God’s dew. Therefore, you can be late for two hours at least to German Chancellor, even to the Pope, we can say that anybody anywhere did not break, all they will get picked up. But the Arab aristocracy with a sense of honor, all right. Could – would be killed nafig, because the insult washed off with blood.

It is possible to replace the tiles every year, “at the request of workers”. With the Arabs, the princes of the blood who are proud of their ancestry, does not pass such jokes. With them found a cut diamond, and a club on the brick wall. Saudi Arabia will not back down. If I understand in sausage scraps, need not to be a fool and sign the Saudi conditions, otherwise it will be even worse.


We’ve all swinging on the edge, a little more and not pull a hippopotamus out of the swamp.

And it’s time to think about how to stop all these unnecessary huge spending that we see. Well Sobyanin said that the budget will burst, if you give money to all. And face, if you recall the popular saying, so will not crack?

I nowhere call, but if once this border to give head – this whole crazy idea will take off from there forever! All automatically pay taxes and then the money pumped into high-pockets!

But what people really need in an emergency? Food, medicine, shelter, clothing and all sorts of medical care. And new curbs for 15-17 billion rubles useless. The money must go to another. Now strictly there should be no unnecessary spending!

Because the worst thing is when men – and especially women – are sitting at home hungry children. Mass revolutions began with the March of empty pots. Demolish everything. And then already nothing will help. Compared with this March all the symphonies of the world is complete garbage!

The bomb, which now pulls the abyss under my feet, was founded in 1992. Chubais and his comrades, Gaidar and other did not understand one thing: it is impossible to consider human society as a machine device. It is not native.

They wasted the law and morality. And all this just don’t understand the current policy. But the fact that justice, morality, and conscience – it is absolutely not abstract categories. And ethics is not an add-on basis.

The trick is that our ancestors have always survived solely groups of 20-50 people. And each group worked a law that was subsequently formulated by Dumas in the immortal formula “One for all and all for one.”

The primitive morality of the pack – if to survive, all together or all die, because to save yourself is pointless.

All actions should be aimed to ensure that we survive and pass on their genes, continued to exist. We need to keep each other, alone we are nothing. To save only a group and nothing else!

Always there were three levels of adjustment.

The first is a law intended to very good it all totally, to live everything. Let a piece of strong gets more while the weak – less because when it comes down to it, from a strong more independent. It’s like in an extreme situation it should be: first, the oxygen mask should be put on, and then on the child.

The law punished for deviation from the rules. But when the law was in the side – worked morality the second level.

Because morality is a representation of the masses about how we need each other to be what you must do to survive the whole society, the whole group.

And that’s what works for the good of the whole team is good and right, but that doesn’t work – wrong and wrong. And we all know it.

When you’re alone, you can do good or bad. But inside you still remains the conscience of the third level.

Because conscience is the same as law and morality, but it is already inside you, in your subconscious, because you were formed as a group member.

If it all breaks down – there is the social destruction of society.

And that’s when mentioned the guys fucked the law, morality and conscience, any attempt to build a good the state was doomed. Because you can write any laws and demand their implementation, but always the lower layers will repeat the actions of the elite.

The leader, perorangan individual is a role model. All that they say bullshit, the words are worth nothing. The only thing that matters is business. And since the case was lawless and immoral, and that there was such a society, what happened. And they continue to think about how to fill their pockets.

When all powers are given to some posts and all the laws are adjusted to the position – is what happened in 1993 after the shooting of the White house, and in 1996, and in 1999 and 2000, when the successor… When the powers are transferred – anyone can be a leader, because it was put here.

The last month has shown that those who are called the leader, not the leader. He occupies a leadership position, which collected enormous powers. But when it comes out to the crowd and say this, this, that, and that, no, that was not obtained.

Ahead of us waits a lot of interesting. If they go at a reasonable way, the government will hold. If greed prevails… do Not bring God to see what we can see!..”



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