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Michael Phelps vs shark: How it happened (VIDEO)

In early July, we heard about an interesting project channel Discovery: we promised to organize a competition in speed between man and great white shark. And for the “team” was supposed to be American swimmer Michael Phelps, a multiple record holder and the most decorated athlete in Olympic history.

And here on Sunday, July 23, long-awaited swim took place. We have, of course, there is a video of this event, which could be significant, but…

But as you can see, and it REALLY SHOWS, TV men cheated.

Everyone who knew about this show on Discovery, wondering HOW it will be arranged. It was assumed that Phelps can float in moving water under the cage. Or that it and the shark share some other way to protect man from great white teeth. All was done however primitive, which many viewers felt deceived.

The fact that the audience just introduced the installation. Swim shark swim Phelps and was filmed separately, and then these frames are combined in one video.

The results of the swim for Phelps isn’t comforting – he lost the shark two seconds. Despite the fact that great white did not know that someone out there is competing.

According to rumors, the sharks in the tests found traces of dope 🙂

Himself Phelps hopes to “rematch”, as wrote in his Twitter. The wish of the swimmer – the water warmer.

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