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Michael Myers without a mask! (PHOTO)

In the network appeared the insanely cool photos from the set of the new “Halloween”. What makes it so special? Well, sits a man, staring somewhere to the side, bearded, with terrible scars around the eyes. That’s just this man is none other than Michael Myers, guys.

The face of Michael Myers is a mystery, a kind of fiction. Mask — this is currently the killer’s face. And yet sometimes the horror as you want to look at it. John carpenter could not resist and showed Myers without a mask in the first, the original “Halloween” in 1978. In the latest sequel to the face of the villain has not been demonstrated, in the frame flashed only a few pieces. Well, now we can look at the entire puzzle.

Before you James Jude Courtney, who played Myers in most of the scenes of the new film. As you can see, a blow with a hanger of the first part has not passed for his character vain, as evidenced by the aforementioned scars and an eyesore. Makeup artists have tried perfectly. The man is extremely severe.

And indeed Myers in this picture was cool, mysterious, immovable, and absolutely ruthless. Or is he capable of mercy? It was in this “Halloween” scene that has made you doubt the ruthlessness of Michael Myers…

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