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Michael Myers is the son of Dr. Loomis led the Cult — alternate version of “Halloween 6”

The movie “Halloween 6: the Curse of Michael Myers” was filmed , Joe Chappell in 1995, but after 20 years, still able to generate interest among the fans of the franchise about a serial killer Michael Myers. It turns out that the movie had an alternative version (directing and producing), that’s just from the public them all these years to hide. But if we think about it, when if not now, in anticipation of the next Halloween, when the box office puts the cash records of Myers, and in General, in the end, this year’s series was 40 years old!

Of special interest is the production version of the sixth part of the movie, an official release which in the US took place only in 2014. This release has many differences from the theatrical version is about the music and the whole story.

First, Jamie Lloyd is not killed in the beginning of the film at the hands of Michael Myers in a fight with him in the barn. She falls into a coma, but it was time to be hospitalized. Already in the hospital to see her come Dr. Loomis and Wynn, the latter kills her and later shot in the head.

Secondly, the child Jamie — Stephen Lloyd — was conceived as a result of incest between Michael and Jamie is itself under pressure from the Cult, which included Mrs. Blankenship, Secretary Dr. don Wynn, the man from the bus warehouse and Sheriff Hold.

In the production version, Tommy rescues Jamie from the Cult, using runes, which forced Michael to stay in their prosecution.

Finally, in the final scene of the theatrical version Dr. Loomis tells Jamie and Tommy that had left him with unfinished business, after which he returned to the “Smith’s grove”. Already before the credits roll we hear the cry of Loomis. However, only in the production version becomes known what had happened behind the walls of a psychiatric clinic: the doctor finds, he believes, defeated Michael lying on the floor of the corridor. However, after removing the mask, Loomis sees underneath his colleague Dr. Wynn, Michael dressed in time to run. Dying Wynn grabs Loomis ‘ arm and said, “Now this is your game, Dr. Loomis”. After the death of Wynn, on the arm of Loomis appears Thorne. Realizing that now he will play the role of a cult leader, the terrified and desperate screams.

In an interview with screenwriter Daniel Farrands told me that the final film in production release was sufficiently “creepy” and “Gothic”, but overall he lacked intensity and prompting Dimension Films to enter the film dosemki.

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