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Michael Jackson will rise from the grave this Halloween

American TV network CBS has announced special entertainment Michael Jackson’s Halloween, which will be released in October. We have previously written about the fact that soon to be released new horror-Michael Jackson album, called Scream. It will be hellouinskaya compilation, which contains all of the theme songs of the musician under one cover. To the release of this album and is dedicated animated special.

His voice characters from Michael Jackson’s Halloween gave actors Christine Baranski (“family values Addams”), kersee Clemons (“Drug”), Alan cumming (Goldeneye), George IDs (“C. S. I.: crime scene investigation”), brad Garrett (“Casper”), Lucy Liu (“Kill bill”), Jim Parsons (“the Big Bang Theory”) and Lucas till (“X-Men: First Class”).

History will tell us about Vincent and Victoria, a couple of young people from Generation Y who “accidentally” meet in Hellouinsky night along with a dog named Ichabod find themselves in a mysterious hotel on Jackson Street 777. Vincent and Victoria waiting for an exciting adventure, the culmination of which will be the stunning Michael Jackson dance.

Directed the cartoon ‘s Director, mark A. Z. Dippe (“spawn”), acts as producer Daniel Chuba (“Paris: city of the dead”). The idea and production responsible company, Optimum Productions, and animation Studio Hammerhead.

We will remind, album Scream will be released on September 29. But the special Michael Jackson’s Halloween will have to wait a little longer. It will be shown October 27 at 20:00 et on CBS.

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