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Michael, Freddy and Co. like mad under “Thriller” by Michael Jackson (VIDEO)

Musical short film “Thriller” (Thriller) was filmed by John Landis on Michael Jackson song in 1983, long before the appearance on the horizon YouTube and other video services, but this video is still in trend, at least on the eve of Halloween.

For example, “Thriller” show in USA in IMAX theaters before screenings of Halloween tales Eli Roth’s “the Mystery of the house with the clock”.

And not so long ago appeared a funny video, a kind of remake of “Thriller” from gamer Snax Cult of The Noodle. Using the simulator slasher Dead by Daylight, the Creator of video made to dance to the song Jackson of all your favorite maniacs Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers and leatherface, which was the original killer, invented for the game itself.

Here’s what happened:

Dead by Daylight via @YouTube #deadbydaylight #lurkforcealpha
— TheCultOfSnaxNoodle (@CultSnaxNoodle) 22 Sep 2018

+ the inimitable hell original:

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