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Michael Fassbender hunts down a “Snowman”. New footage

Earlier it became known that the Prime schedule changes happened, and the detective Thriller “the Snowman” comes to winter. Well, will have to wait. Meantime, take a look at footage from the film.

Well, wait for the picture, apparently, is really worth. Still, the film adaptation of Jo nesbø:

2004. The basis case, which is investigating detective Harry Hole, several mysterious murders occurred in Oslo. Experiences on the training course to the FBI, makes the search for relationships between crimes. Finally, Hall finds them: all victims were married women with children, and soon after the murder at the site of the massacre invariably there was a snowman. Referring to old unsolved cases, the Lobby finds other cases involving the missing married mother, and from all the evidence found only a snowman. All this gives grounds to believe that a detective on the trail of the first serial killer in Norway. Now Hall will have a difficult task — to find the perpetrator and make him suffer deserved punishment.

Starring Michael Fassbender (“Alien: Covenant”). In addition, the caste includes such actors as John.To. Simmons (“Whiplash”), Charlotte Gainsbourg (“21 grams”) and Rebecca Ferguson (“the White Queen”). All you can see in the images below.

The Director Tomas Alfredson (“Tinker tailor soldier Spy!”).

The Russian premiere of “the Snowman” will be held on 23 December 2017.

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