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Michael Daugherty about the continuation of the horror film “trick or treat”

From Director and screenwriter Michael Dougherty the film world in the relatively near future (specifically in 2019) are waiting for a sequel to the history of Godzilla. But don’t forget the Director and the glorious “roots” – his feature debut, funny horror anthology “trick or treat”, still enjoys great popularity each new Halloween. And the film is really good, though, in my opinion, a bit sharp jump from children’s pugalok in the spirit of books to Pack quite a bloody adult and the segment with the werewolves.

Of course, Doherty has repeatedly recalled his words about the upcoming sequel to the horror – and the Director recently took the time to finally “responsible for the market”:

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I very much hope that at the end of the work on “Godzilla” will be able to return to the “Purse”. While there will be post-production, I’m just going to finish the script, and then I would love to make the sequel his next project. So we’ll see.

We will remind, “trick or treat” was released in 2007 and talked about how

Four intersecting stories, the heroes break the traditions of Halloween, gain yourself a lot of trouble. We will get acquainted with the teacher, in fact is a serial killer; a virgin, a student, waiting for her Prince; a married couple in which the husband loves the All Saints ‘ Day, and the wife does not share his enthusiasm; and a group of teenagers who wanted a cruel hoax.

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About the development of the second part became known in the framework of the festival the Los Angeles Beyond Fest in 2013.

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